The popularity of Bitcoin and the united and exclusive attention that it gets from all crypto traders worldwide is just amazing. If we surf the net, there would be equal amount of information on Bitcoin alone as there would be combined for all other cryptocurrency tokens. But why is Bitcoin the most popular crypto to trade? What makes it so flagship and absolute among the crypto niche? This article aims to answer these questions that usually stem in the mind of each and every new crypto investor. We also discuss a brief history as to how Bitcoin emerged before we talk of its admirable superiority over other crypto tokens.

How Did Bitcoin Emerge

Bitcoin is a digital form of currency based on a blockchain ledger system of technology. It was first developed in the year 2009 by a group of crypto enthusiasts (under the name Satoshi Nakamoto) and has since then been evolving and developing as it is open source. Although many more currencies have come up even after Bitcoin and a few existed before it as well, but as a matter of fact, Bitcoin enjoys the status of being the king of all crypto tokens. It is kind of more of a monopolized situation when it comes to Bitcoin.

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Why is Bitcoin the Most Popular Crypto to Trade

Is Bitcoin the most popular crypto to trade is definitely beyond doubt. Almost all new crypto traders start with Bitcoin. And of course all seasoned traders keep Bitcoin as one in the portfolio is undeniable. However, what is it that makes or why is Bitcoin the most popular crypto to trade? Read below to get multiple answers to this question, that is a common query of many.

1. Timing: If you have ever studied marketing, you would well be aware of the fact that timing plays a very important role in the success or failure of some launch. Same is true for Bitcoin’s boom as well. It was rolled out at a time when there was practically no other cryptocurrency in place. And at a time when the worldwide economy was trying to recover from a very heavy recession. Alternative modes of money making felt very compelling during those days and Bitcoin surfaced up as a promising option.

2. Ease: With Bitcoin being one of the earliest ones, a lot of information about it was developed and spread across both online and offline media. As such, even if one wanted to trade some other token, one was ultimately redirected and pushed towards Bitcoin most of the times. This proved very favorable for why is Bitcoin the most popular crypto to trade even today.

3. Technology: Bitcoin is one of the most advanced and most secure crypto tokens if we talk in term of financial security, safety and privacy. It is a favorite of many and so IT professionals have been developing this open source platform more and more since the day of its launch.

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Yes, there are more reasons. The topic as to why be Bitcoin the most popular crypto to trade is debatable for as long as we want. Nevertheless, the fact remains strong, no other cryptocurrency has been able to surpass it so far.