It's true that globally today, after Bitcoin, Ethereum is the second-largest cryptocurrency. The coin emerged after Vitalik Buterin, the founder, felt that Bitcoin had not achieved its decentralized capacity. Note that just like Bitcoins, Ethereum uses blockchain technology, where all your transactions are stored in a public ledger. However, Ethereum is different due to its staying power because it works in two major ways. First, it is a platform which works through smart contracts such as forsage and lion share. Meanwhile, the second is a digital currency, which works like other virtual currencies like Bitcoin and Bitcash. This makes it unique from other coins; therefore, it is likely to stay for a long period of time.

As a platform, Ethereum will give you a staying power that catches your mind and soul. For instance, in the future, you will be able to verify all your transactions securely because Ether won't need miners. This means that you will be able to directly verify your transactions, as opposed to different virtual coins that require miners to verify transactions. As a result, you will get verification prizes that coin owners earn based on their giving. Once mining is no longer in place, the process will solve the cryptocurrency being centralized by the miners.

Ethereum's Staying Power Over Other Currencies

Unlike Bitcoin, Ethereum will enable you to build permanent and fully decentralized applications owned by no one. Therefore, you can create voting systems, social networks, and trading markets. On the other hand, developers can develop initial coin offerings (ICOs) and launch them as new cryptocurrencies on the platform. Here you will enjoy the trust and security built into Ethereum smart contract to distribute their coins. This is because ICOs are verified and validated using Ether blockchain that promises a democratic society.

Smart contracts will allow the performance of verified transactions without a third party. This makes the program transparent between you and the permitted parties. Such contracts will then help you exchange and share your money transparently in a non-conflict way. You will also avoid brokers for all your virtual activities when transacting. In this case, it seems Ethereum will continue to grow and develop to overcome present and future competition. Of course, by now, it is almost a monopoly on smart contracts and tokenization of other currencies.

Smart contracts will allow the performance

Despite facing a complication earlier in June 2016, when a smart contract called DAO was hacked, and $50 million Ether lost. The loss of coin value dropped by 60 percent, forcing developers to initiate ways to moderate the loss. Since then, Ethereum has gone through upgrades to re-institute the stability of the coin.

Choosing Eth will be difficult since its true value is yet to be established. If you choose Eth, keep in mind that Eth works as a platform where different digital currencies can start securely. Also, note that like any electronic currency, the coin faces outside competition. Don't worry though, since Eth developers are advancing monopoly conditions that you will use on smart contracts and tokenization. Distinguishing itself from other coins has allowed the growth of the coin, making it appreciated.