Getting some cryptocurrencies through some methods can be easy, while others are difficult, especially when it comes to mining processes. In simple words, crypto-mining is a difficult process of solving mathematical (complex) problems, to get a specific amount of that cryptocurrency. Miners are important for a Cryptocurrency's network, they make use of their precious time, effort, and computing power, to solve those problems (mathematical problems). When these problems are solved, it's referred to as providing "proof of work", according to some experts. These miners are also responsible for confirming transactions for the network, and they can verify transactions as well. With ETH (Ethereum's blockchain technology), miners can create new Ether tokens through the process, and they can get paid for successful work.

How you can mine ten ETH every month

You can mine more than ten ETHs per month, depending on the power you use, and when more people join the ETH's blockchain technology for mining, then the problems automatically become more difficult to solve. Some people think that as others are joining the Ethereum's blockchain, the mining might no longer be profitable. But as Ethereum's value keeps increasing, the rewards received from ETH mining will always be profitable and substantial. To get up to ten ETH monthly, you should consider buying a strong hash-power, and the higher the hash-power, the higher the ETH. Once a miner has selected and purchased the best hardware, then the next step is to install the software (and this is somehow complex). There are some things that need to be done before you can mine, first, you need drivers for your graphic cards.

After getting the drivers for your graphic cards, you will then need to create a personal node, which will be connected to Ethereum's entire network. Downloading all of Ethereum's blockchain is compulsory, and its size is over 20 GB, which increases every time (few days, weeks, and months). Once you have created your own node and have connected it to the network, then mining can commence, and you can even create smart contracts, build decentralized apps and confirm transactions. If a person buys a strong hash-power to generate a strong hashrate, and all the necessary steps are followed properly, then that person can earn over 10 ETH monthly. Another common question that most newbies ask is how and when do you get paid? Well, getting paid is the easiest part.

You can mine more than ten

If a person has successfully mined a block, then an amount of about 3 ETH is entitled to that person, as his reward and payment. With those rewards, an individual can earn even more, as a miner can receive the fees that traders pay for any transaction involving Ethereum. So, as the rewards are paid, they are sent to the user's address, which is linked to the the dashboard of the miner, and payments are made instantly.

Finally, mining for ETH is profitable when compared to other cryptocurrencies, and an individual can make 10 to 15 ETHs monthly if all steps are followed properly. Mining is complex, but with the right tools, it can be easy.