The world is moving so fast towards a paperless economy where trading and transactions are headed towards a digital age. Cryptocurrency offers people the best options of digital currency in which they do not have to carry around the traditional currencies anymore. Many people who want to use these currencies have to have accounts and open wallets with crypto exchange sites to help them purchase these currencies, sell them and even exchange with other currencies. Many sites offer this service but the major concern among many users is to find exchange sites that will not charge them heavily while transacting daily. This article focuses on a list of such crypto exchange platforms that offer the least transaction costs for its clients. They include;

The PrimeXBT crypto exchange site offers its clients very low transaction costs that range from 0.03% up to 0.05%. considering this percentage and the trading volume one can do in a day, these fees are very low and almost insignificant compared to the value of the cryptocurrency they are trading in. The margins of trading in other cryptocurrencies are very high and it runs up to almost a hundred times on many cryptocurrencies that are listed trading on its platform and this many prefer trading using this exchange site.

The PrimeXBT crypto exchange site offers

Binance, one of the leading crypto exchange sites globally, has the best transaction fees of up to as low as 0.1% this site does not just offer its clients low fees but also offers a very interactive website for any trader that fancies trading cryptocurrencies. Its bnb token fees are usually below0.1% and many users are preferring this site to many others as these costs do not eat so much into their funds nor to their profits of the day.

The next site that offers very low transaction fees is referred to as the Kucoin established in the early months of the year2019. it usually charges a 0.1% fee on all trades making it almost a free site to trade with. These fees do not have to be deducted from the trader's funds if the trader has a token known as KYC, the fees are usually deducted from them making the cost to even get very minimal that it cannot affect the trader's funds and thus very suitable and attractive to many traders.

The next site that offers very

Then there is this exchange site known as which is an application. It has fees that are 0.0% which is free to transact. Imagine exchanging your cryptocurrencies at no extra cost. Many traders are currently using this site as it also allows one to link their credit cards to this site for direct withdrawals, depositing and transacting. The only fees that these application charges are withdrawal fees which are also very minimal.

Bittrex crypto exchange offers low transaction costs which are about 0.20% and has many products on its website. Many exchange sites have a below 1% transaction cost and this is good news as higher transaction costs can cut deep into investor earnings and end up discouraging them from using it.