We have been keeping our heads down and developing our Marker Taker Spread Trading Functionality for a little while now, and we are getting closer and closer to releasing this in the near to medium future. As we squash the final bugs (we hope!) on this algorithm strategy, and make our last rounds of testing, we want to point out to a great blog written by Coinmarketcap.com a couple months ago in September titled, “Market-Neutral Crypto Derivatives Trading” , to explain why we are really excited to roll out our Maker-Taker function.


According to Gerald Mc at Coinmarketcap points out, the three main factors of mean reversion spread trading are “cost of execution”, “risk of volatility”, and “ease of execution”. We, at Executium, couldn’t agree more, and have designed our maker-taker algo (and our taker-taker algo) to deal with especially two of these factors:

1. Cost of Execution:

A. Commisions: Executium’s Maker-taker can really transform taker commission payments into commission rebate receipts in many markets
B. Software Costs: Executium is a no minimum fee, pay as you go, cost model brings the cheapest barrier to entry and cheapest cost of putting on these trades at scale
C. Server Costs: We at Executium are paying for multiple servers. You just pay a small fee to execute trades.

2. Ease of Execution:

A. Execution Risks/Level of Competition: Executium, like any other computer driven trading system, is faster than a person to execute, and the time sliced micro-size trading capability allows you to spread the execution risk over hundreds to thousands of trades.
B. No. of Legs: As we grow our system, we will offer (later in the future) the ability to trade more than the two leg spread trades we offer today.

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Try the Executium system today and we will credit your account with 0.002 BTC of commissions.

This is not investment advice, as you always should, do your research and think carefully before you make a trade.