Sell inherently means liquidating something for cash. If we talk of Bitcoin sell price, we refer to the price that we get for the sale of some Bitcoin for immediate or later on delivery. So the Bitcoin sell price varies over time, and also varies depending upon the conditions of the contract and the exchange where the contract happens.

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Why Does Bitcoin Sell Price Fluctuate
Below we see the major markers that lead to fluctuations in Bitcoin sell price.

Market News: Market news is a factor that plays a heavy role in the Bitcoin sell price. Sometimes some scary event might lead to traders selling all their Bitcoin quickly, so the prices fall, and sometimes a great news can lead to the prices soaring up quite high.

Demand & Supply: Bitcoin tokens are limited in supply as they cannot be mined endlessly. And even for the figure that can be mined, the process is pretty slow and complicated. As such the circulation at a given point of time tends to shift places in the hands of different investors. So demand and supply at the given moment fixes up the Bitcoin sell price.

Mode of Transaction: Bitcoin sell price also changes with the change in the mode of transaction. For example, if a trader is trading the Bitcoin for some other cryptocurrency, or making payments via bank cards, or using some other security etc., that would also affect the Bitcoin sell price.

Perceived Worth: Bitcoin is not some centralized currency like other traditional fiats, and as such it is more comparable to gold and silver rather than a US dollar we can say. So if the perceived worth of the dollar falls down, the Bitcoin sell price might go high, and vice versa would be true. It is just that people tend to invest in different stocks, trying to balance the portfolio at a given point in time.

Multiple Exchanges: We know that Bitcoin is difficult to mine for a normal person, and most of the trade that happens around Bitcoin is based upon arbitrage theory. So various exchanges have been established, and each exchange has its own Bitcoin sell price. This varies the Bitcoin sell price due to different fees of the exchange and the different processes established by an exchange.

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Benefits of Bitcoin Sell Price Differentials
All the cryptos are primarily a game of a price differential, and Bitcoin is no different. One must only know how to make good out of the different Bitcoin sell prices and it can lead to huge profits and big money making. Earlier it was easy as the competition was not very fierce, but now with advanced crypto trading techniques, it has become very difficult to reap these advantages. A new trend that is uprising is hiring experts like for playing well in the market. These are online platforms that offer both online crypto trading and expert crypto advice at the same time. These also keep a very close watch over fluctuating Bitcoin sell prices and buy prices.