Cryptocurrencies vary, about 2500 already exist till date, and there is more coming up every few months. Actually the niche is becoming more and more specialized, and consequently, computer programmers are trying to come up with safer and more secure platforms. This results in the evolution of new currencies all the time. Furthermore, the niche is also very profitable, so if one is able to develop something that becomes favored, there is no end to the money that shall flow in for lifetimes. This is another reason that hackers and developers keep on trying for something new in terms of cryptocurrency.

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Best Cryptocurrency to Invest In
If we're talking about which is the best in terms of cryptocurrency, of course Bitcoin is the market leader. Indeed, many people know of Bitcoin, even of they do not know of cryptocurrency or the fund behind it. But we must not ignore the other few cryptocurrencies who have come quite close to Bitcoin in terms of the ones that are considered the best cryptocurrency to invest in. Let us list the top ones here and you can consider diversifying your investments based on the pros and cons of each of these.

1. Bitcoin: Bitcoin is kind of the king and the father of all cryptos. With its launch in around 2008, the currency has given a paradigm shift to crypto investments. It has made digital cash go at once a blast, and till date, no other digital currency has been able to cross the market capitalization of Bitcoin. So it is not a bad idea to keep some part for this one, while considering which is the best cryptocurrency to invest in.

2. Litecoin: Litecoin was launched in 2011, and is usually called, “silver as compared to Bitcoin being the gold”. The main reason for Litecoin’s popularity is the fast blockchain generation, and it is considered to be an essential token for investment by large crypto investors, who like to diversify their play.

3. Ethereum: The third most dominant and perhaps the last closest in line to Bitcoin and Litecoin in terms of market capitalization. Ethereum came up recently in 2015, but left behind almost all other cryptos that were its competitors. It is based on a slightly different technology from Bitcoin, and that was one of the reasons that people wanted to try it. It definitely deserves a well lauded position when we weigh in as to what is the best cryptocurrency to invest in.

4. Monero: Monero is another very good investments among cryptos. It is totally untraceable, and is secure and private. It's more of a community based system, and that makes investing in this even more profitable.

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How to Choose: Best Cryptocurrency to Invest In
Although one can always buy the top ones mentioned above from investment point of view, yet the scenario makes some currencies more profitable than their counterparts at some times, while the others at some other times. Another great idea is to hire a practice deft like to help you decide and formulate your portfolio from time to time. This is one of the easiest and most profitable ways to get the best cryptocurrency to invest in.