Cryptocurrencies are increasing gradually, and the technologies they are based upon are also being explored more and more by crypto and blockchain inventors. When we try to find out which is the best cryptocurrency to buy, it becomes a two-fold question. The first aspect to consider is your own targets and affordability, and the second aspect is the position of some cryptocurrency that floats in the market at that time when you are thinking of which is the best cryptocurrency to buy. Let us consider what are the good options to invest in based on this second aspect, the position of the cryptocurrency in the market.

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Best Cryptocurrency to Buy
We mention some cryptocurrencies below, which are usually termed under which is the best cryptocurrency to buy in the market. Of course this is not a comprehensive list, and there can be more currencies and considerations that can be factored in, but these ones are usually the top ones that must come to your mind while deciding on which is the best cryptocurrency to buy.

1. Bitcoin: Of course, how can we not mention Bitcoin, or even dare to mention this somewhere down the list, when we are talking about the best cryptocurrency to buy. Bitcoin is the king of cryptos and is on everybody’s lips. It has the highest market share, the maximum number of buyers and sellers, and the maximum number of exchanges that trade it. So that makes it a cool option for the best cryptocurrency to buy, a kind of safer bet you can say!

2.Litecoin: Litcoin is perhaps the second most important when it comes to cryptocurrency buys and sells. This makes it viable from an investment or trading point of view, or both. Rightly, it is called the Silver to Bitcoin gold, and is one of the best cryptocurrency to buy this financial year.

3. Ethereum: Ethereum is also getting very popular these days, a hot option among the best cryptocurrency to buy, because of its high security features, and the ability to smart contract. Now-a-days sometimes investors also feel the need to purchase other digital currencies with the help of one. Ethereum solves this purpose very easily. It is a good option to make a lot of money using cryptocurrency.

4. Ripple: Ripple is as well creating loud ripples in the crypto market. More and more investors are favoring it as the best cryptocurrency to buy, as the ledger does not require mining unlike other cryptos. Network latency has also come down this way, and more importantly, the cryptocurrency has been coming into the front seat very rapidly since its launch in 2012.

5.Monero: Monero is the last one here, among the top rankers in this league, as to which is the best cryptocurrency to buy. This crypto became super popular as soon as it was launched because it was community driven and donation based completely.

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People have started hiring companies like which help them decide as to which is the best cryptocurrency to buy based on individual needs and targets. Perhaps this is the most effective way and one of the easiest ones to decide on something like this.