Although volume is important, in any type of trading, in that it marks the ratio of the profits and losses, however, it is especially important if we talk of cryptocurrency trading. Before getting into more details, it is good to remember that cryptocurrency trading involves many kinds of fees, and as such it is important to have trading volumes so as to cover these costs and end up with some profits at the end of the day.

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What Is Volume in Cryptocurrency Trading
There are many cryptocurrency metrics that are important for deciding upon the trades. However, volume, along with circulating supply and market capitalization, makes for the top 3 metrics that primarily control the price changes for any crypto token. Volume refers to the amount or quantity of a particular cryptocurrency that has been traded on some specific exchange for the last 24 hours usually, or for a set time period. So, volume is the property of the exchange, the property of some particular token, and a property of some given time frame. The value can change with respect to a rise or drop in the perceived value of the fiat, but the volume remains the same.

Why Is Volume in Cryptocurrency Trading Important
Understanding what volume is in cryptocurrency trading can make balance sheet calculations easier for a trader. Whenever we trade, we invest some amount of fiat to buy some crypto tokens. The current volume, as mentioned above, typically refers to the total number of such tokens, irrespective of the worth they hold. Furthermore, this is considered for a specific period of time. So the quantity of tokens held, of one or more cryptocurrencies, for a particular time period, refers to the volume in cryptocurrency trading. The same volume can have different amounts of net worth at different times, depending upon the ongoing rate of the crypto at the time this calculation is made. It would not be wrong to say that the same volume, almost always has, different values, and trading requires an insight into finding this optimal, when the best value of the volume can be had.

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How to Use Volume towards Making Big Profits
Volume is an extremely important factor in cryptocurrency, because it is the one that primarily decides the future price, and also controls the future demand and supply of crypto to some extent. It not only determines how many people are buying and selling a particular crypto, but advanced cryptocurrency companies like can use such volume data to make out very advanced predictions and forecasts for trading in cryptocurrencies. Always remember that volume can be broken down into an infinite number of ways for analysis, and we must leave this in the hands of experts, if we want to make better profits. Both the direction and the quantum of the shift matter, when we analyze volume, and it is quite a complicated thing in itself. Many seasoned investors very commonly take help from companies like to trade better based on the latest volume data, not only for the last 24 hours, but for the last many days as well. Such is the importance of volume in cryptocurrency trading!