Buying Bitcoin is not the toughest thing in the world, but yes it can be purchased over a large number of exchanges and platforms, even be traded for a few things and services, and so this is usually a conscious decision on part of the investor as to where he wants to buy his Bitcoin from. Let us check a few places where Bitcoin is available.

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Pre-requisites on Where to Buy Bitcoin Instantly
There are some mechanisms that take some time to fill up the Bitcoin orders, while at some platforms buying Bitcoin is instantaneous. However, at both the places, a Bitcoin wallet would be required, where the Bitcoin would be transferred to. So as a pre-requisite of buying Bitcoin instantaneously, one must have one or more Bitcoin wallets in place, well functional, and these can usually be downloaded free of cost over the internet. Although all exchanges do not require this, most of them do, and the best and the most secure ones definitely do.

Where to Buy Bitcoin Instantly
Once there is an exchange in place, Bitcoin can be purchased as follows:

1. International Bitcoin Exchange: Exchanges like Kraken, Coinmama, Coinbase and Bitstamp allow a person to buy Bitcoin instantaneously by making the payment via online mode via debit cards. Some of these also accept credit cards, but if the trader is looking for a quick buyout, a bank transfer or a debit card is always faster. Among these, Coinbase has the lowest fee at about 3.99% for European and American accounts.

2. Peer-to-Peer Applications: These are like sub or mini exchanges that function with a lot of restrictions and cover limited geographies, but are okay if you are looking for where to buy Bitcoin instantaneously. For example, Bisq, Bitquick, Hodl Hodl, Paxful and Local Bitcoins are some of such networks. Sometimes these do not even ask for mandatory registration, to hasten up the process of where to buy Bitcoin instantaneously.

3. Bitcoin Exchanges: Next we have formal cryptocurrency exchanges that can be used for buying instantaneous Bitcoin, at places where they serve. Different parts of the world have different exchanges that are more popular, but in general all work almost the same.

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4. Online Platforms: There are many online platforms like, that not only help you to buy Bitcoin directly from them, but they usually collaborate with multiple exchanges so that the investors can trade at more than one place simultaneously. This is done inherently with an aim to increase the profits of the investor. However, while using such platforms, one has to be very careful as some of them are fraudulent and may run away with your credit card information. This is yet another reason that has led to the popularity of, because it is all safe and sound.

5. Service Exchange: This last category of service exchange has been developed recently, but is picking up very fast. People have started offering their services to customers in exchange for Bitcoin as the payment method. This is also done instantaneously, usually before the service is even delivered.