Bitcoin mining is one thing, and Bitcoin trading is a completely different one. However, if you analyze the niche statistically, you would observe many miners move on as traders eventually, but the first beginning step they undertake is Bitcoin mining. Why and how to go from Bitcoin mining to Bitcoin trading is easy to understand. Let's do this one by one.

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Why to go from Bitcoin Mining to Bitcoin Trading
Bitcoin is not some complex chemical or physical science that needs years and years to master; it is simple in that regard! Nevertheless, it is an absolutely different field of financial investment, which operates quite differently from stocks and other commodities, and has a very high risk drawback associated. This makes the people who want to enter into Bitcoin, to start mining their own stuff. The stakes involved are very high if we start purchasing Bitcoin for trading or investment, and the risk as discussed is high too. A single Bitcoin token in dollars is somewhere around 8600 USD presently. On the contrary, mining only requires a computer processor and some blockchain knowledge. So practically while mining does not involve any major investment, Bitcoin trading is a heavy drainer to the pocket. New people therefore sometimes prefer to mine their own Bitcoin rather than trading.

Once they start mining, they realize two things, which mining is an extremely slow process, and second, mining does not carry as big a potential as trading when it comes to profit making. So eventually we see that once investors are comfortable with Bitcoin norms and how it operates, they switch over to Bitcoin trading.

How to go from Bitcoin Mining to Bitcoin Trading
Transitioning from Bitcoin Mining to Bitcoin Trading can be done by following simple steps.

1. Download the Bitcoin that you have mined in some exchange wallet.

2. Sell your Bitcoin to some buyers for a price that prevails in the market to seem fair.

3. Get the proceeds transferred to you as fiat.

Another way of transitioning completely from a Bitcoin Miner to a Bitcoin Trader is to do it as follows:

1. Download the Bitcoin that you have mined in some exchange wallet.

2. Block your blockchain that you used to mine this Bitcoin.

3. Now start investing and trading this Bitcoin like any other Bitcoin trader, by registering yourself on some cryptocurrency exchange that allows for Bitcoin.

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Is it Easy: How to go from Bitcoin Mining to Bitcoin Trading
Although it is not as easy as going for Bitcoin trading for the first time, doing it altogether new, and doing it after you have been mining Bitcoin tokens, does make a difference, the second path being a bit more comfortable to start with. Also note that online crypto consultants like also help their customers to switch easily from mining to trading, taking care of all the requirements on their own. Geography plays an important role when it is going from mining to trading.