What is a spread bot is of crucial importance to any crypto investor or trader for that matter. Although all kinds of bots have their own relevance, however, a spread bot is like the king of bots. First of all, resembling any other crypto bot, the spread bot also continuously tracks the market and the exchanges in particular, and executes an order as soon as it is feasible. However, the extra advantage of the spread bot is that, it usually would pay more attention to the order books. Let's see what a spread bot is, how a spread bot works and the potential of a spread bot in cryptocurrency.

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How Does a Spread Bot Work
In cryptocurrency, spread refers to the difference between the bid price and ask price most often. A spread bot is a specialized kind of automated tool or bot, which executes the crypto trade order by itself, on behalf of the trader. Its peculiarity lies in the fact that it not only scans the market and the customer’s set of guidelines continuously, but it pays extra attention to order books. The strategy can be understood as follows:
The spread bot scans the order books continuously trying to observe the spread between the sale price and the purchase price. It then operates based on the instructions the user feeds, and the basic algorithm it carries pre-fed, and it tries to grab the first position in the order book for its user, or the next best possible as the scenario permits. We can say that it places a buy or sell order when all the criteria are met in the best possible manner and at the earliest time possible.

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Potential of the Spread Bot in Cryptocurrency Trading
Although spread bots can be used in any kind of trading, they have a special place in cryptocurrency. The crypto niche is ever changing and ever more active. Furthermore, people who invest in crypto usually invest very large sums of money to trade off the high transaction expenditures associated with each trading operation. Consequently, not only are the risks higher, the opportunity of making larger sums of money is also higher if the right strategy is deployed. And spreading bots is one such strategy that comes to the aid of investors. If we talk about the potential of a spread bot in crypto trading, we should never undermine it.

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Using a Spread Bot Accurately
Sourcing a crypto spread bot is one thing, however using it is another. Bots in general require up-gradations from time to time, and further they require rebalancing and optimization based upon your personal portfolio from time to time. These changes must be made accurately so that the bot works in harmony with the latest market conditions, and also in harmony with your other investment channels. Executium.com is such a company that can help users with services in this regard by customizing them to an extent the user wants.