With so many new companies venturing into cryptocurrency, especially Bitcoin, the competition has become cut throat for these supporting platforms. This has emerged like a huge benefit to new traders who look for free Bitcoin to experiment with trading. Free Bitcoin is the latest buzzword and marketing mantra for companies trying to promote and establish themselves as reputed Bitcoin platforms. They offer free Bitcoin for trading fees, or free Bitcoin in any other combination, so as to allure prospective customers to try out their websites.

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Who can benefit from Free Bitcoin for Trading Fees
There are two kinds of parties that can benefit from the Free Bitcoin for trading fees that is provided by some Bitcoin trading platforms. For example executium.com is one such online Bitcoin trading platform, which offers free Bitcoin upon sign up to new users. Now companies which provide free Bitcoin only for trading fees, usually establish it in a manner that the free Bitcoin can be redeemed only if the trader trades on that particular platform, and it is reimbursed in the form of waiving of the trading fees partially or completely, depending upon the amount of transaction involved. So, as such, it is useful for the trading platform, to hold customers, because if they have some free Bitcoin cash accumulated that can be used to negate the trading fees, obviously they would be tempted to trade on that platform. And more trading would lead to more of such free Bitcoin getting accumulated; this becomes kind of a circle for effective customer retention.

Not only does the trading platform benefits, but the trader does too! All of us know that the trading fees and the transaction fees involved in Bitcoin trading often sums up to a lot of expenditure if accumulated over the long run. And investors usually deduct this sum from future profits before coming to the figure for net profits. So if one can exempt oneself from some or full of this expenditure, wouldn’t it be great? Yes, of course, you must consider other types of expenditures as well, on a certain exchange or platform before coming to this conclusion. For example, a company offering you 1 % free Bitcoin on trading fees but charging 2% higher than the average market rate of Bitcoin would not be worth it. However, if other factors remain fairly genuine and uniform, then it would be a good option to trade on a platform that offers free Bitcoin.

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Free Bitcoin for Trading Fees
You would usually find that it is the trading platforms, several of them these days, like executium.com, who offer free Bitcoin. The exchanges like Kraken and all usually do not do so. It is because of the simple reason, that it is easier to start up a new platform, but very difficult to build up a reputable exchange. Therefore, as a survival tactics, such intermediary platforms offer for free Bitcoin for trading fees, while the exchanges know that business would follow on the single factor of reputation and price. Conclusively, as an apt investor, it is not wrong or unworthy to choose a platform, keeping in mind this consideration of free Bitcoin as well, especially if you are new to Bitcoin trading.