Do you know what happens when you click on the Enter/Buy/Sell button, either as a seller or a buyer, while trading some cryptocurrency online? Most of us, especially the people who are new to Bitcoin trading, think that as soon as they click on their choice, the order is processed. However, there is a process to it at the back end, which often leads to certain time delays as well. And to be precise, this back end processing can happen in a number of ways, which would affect the time delays that happen in the execution of your order. This in turn reflects as a misappropriation to what we calculated when we made the order in terms of profit and loss. Therefore it is better to get a better understanding of Bitcoin’s smart order routing system, which tries to solve this problem.

smart order routing bitcoin

What is Bitcoin’s Smart Order Routing
Bitcoin’s smart order routing is an automated process meant for executing trade orders. In simple words, it tries to tap the best opportunity as soon as a trading order is placed, by scanning a number of different options available at that point in time. Not only does Bitcoin’s Smart Order Routing try to take care of time delays, and reduce them to as much as possible, it also, at the same time, also tries to get the best price. So optimization is two-fold in this respect.

How does Bitcoin’s Smart Order Routing Work
Bitcoin’s Smart Order Routing (SOR) is trying to get integrated with more and more exchanges, so that it can offer better flexibility to the end clients. It is like an application that integrates many exchanges and in turn liquidity pools, which allow Bitcoin trading, and then whenever some trading order occurs, the smart order routing system checks for the best possible options. In short, the smart order routing system takes a complex and intelligent evaluation of the market to execute an order in the most efficient manner.

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Who can use Bitcoin’s Smart Order Routing System
Cryptocurrency trading is on a never-ending rise, and Bitcoin is undoubtedly the market leader. So competition is even fiercer for this particular crypto and every small effort towards making your trade better counts. That is why Bitcoin’s Smart Order Routing must be used as a mandate for each and every player, small or big, new or experienced. Even companies like, if you trade via them, have such systems well in place to make your trade more efficient. It is not very expensive to order via such routing systems, you must only possess basic information, as to which Bitcoin Smart Order Routing you would like to use, as there are many in the market. In fact, this is becoming the next big thing in cryptocurrency trading, where investors like to place their trade over an SOR. This removes unnecessary time delays, helping them to forecast the outcomes in a better manner, and also getting them the best possible prices prevailing at the moment.