The three-Point arbitrage depends on the idea of "Relative Arbitrage" and was intended to endeavor value variations among three money sets. One of the Forex Hedge Fund Strategies is used to exploit the triangular connection between two hard cash sets and their separate cross rates.
This triangular relationship gives a powerful source to exchange openings. Why is that? The cross rate of two monetary standards don’t agree with what the rate should be. For instance, assuming we look at the accompanying trade rates for USDJPY, EURJPY, and EURUSD:

USDJPY - - Barclay cited 106.05/08

EURUSD - - HSBC cited 1.2900/03

EURJPY - - UBS cited 136.70/73

arbitrage triangular

We have embarked on discovering a market irregularity between EURJPY, EURUSD, and USDJPY. The criticalness of the EURUSD pair is to acquire a rate to correspond with the EURJPY, to then figure the sale position of JPY. Take a look at the prices, the EURJPY is 136.73, EURUSD is 1.2900, and USDJPY is 106.05.

Utilizing the EURJPY and EURUSD rates, a selling yen rate is determined to be 105.99 (EURJPY separated by EURUSD yields USDJPY). The determined USDJPY would then be able to be contrasted with the underlying USDJPY price of 106.05. We perceive the current gainful support and have the chance to secure six pips. Even though this may appear to be a difficult assignment, numerous assets just as remote trade distributions, approve this to be a demonstrated and productive technique.

TPA Forex Hedge Fund Strategies in more detail:
If the swapping scale (Currency1 'C1' per Currency2 'C2') is not precisely the inferred cross-rate (C1 backhanded statement)/(C2 circuitous statement), at this point purchase C1 with dollars, exchange C1 for C2, and exchange C2 for dollars.
If the swapping scale (C1 per C2) is over the suggested cross rate (C1 aberrant statement)/(C2 backhanded statement), at that point purchase C2 with dollars, exchange C2 for C1, and exchange C1 for dollars.

In the above model, the suggested EURJPY is 136.80/83 (USDJPY x EURUSD = EURJPY), and UBS has posted a statement EURJPY of 136.70/73, so there is an exchange opportunity!

Step One: Convert $1,000,000 USD into ¥106,050,000 YEN ($/¥ = 106.05)

Step Two: Convert ¥106,050,000 YEN into EUR775, 616.20 EURO (EUR/¥ = 136.73)

Step Three: Convert EUR775, 616.20 EURO back to $1,000,544.80 USD (EUR/$ = 1.2900)

Benefit per round excursion = $544.80

tri arb

In conclusion, triangular or three-point arbitrage can be a handy trading tool. It may look complicated, but if properly understood and well used, it can be a very profitable trading method. Always remember, as a trader, never allow greed to cloud your sense of reasoning and don't trade more than you are willing to lose. Understand the market, pick a good strategy, and make sure to stick to it. Soon enough, you will be able to make a good living out of the trading.