Bitcoin is weaved out of a blockchain network that involves very lengthy and complex calculations and consequently the process is slow and needs very high speed computers. This allows general traders to buy Bitcoin, rather than manufacture it on their own. With so many people buying and selling Bitcoin, where to buy Bitcoin becomes a rather difficult choice. There are also differences in the technology base that you want to use while deciding where to buy Bitcoin.

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Where to Buy Bitcoin
First of all you must pick a choice among the following three main options, when deciding on where to buy Bitcoin. You can go in for a:

Bitcoin Exchange: This is the most popular method of buying Bitcoin and you will find most of the new traders opting in for this, as this is the most well-known and easy way of getting your Bitcoin. Where to buy Bitcoin, using some Bitcoin exchange, usually ends up with one or more Bitcoin exchange, like Bitstamp, Bitmex, Kraken etc. that sell the Bitcoin in exchange for fiat money. Furthermore, you can also use platforms like, from where you can buy Bitcoin, similar to these exchanges, which fund the Bitcoin from their own store, no matter where they source it. They act as sub-exchanges in a manner, and is quite a reputed name in this regard.

P2P Directory: There are many P2P directories on the internet for where to buy Bitcoin from. They have independent buyers and sellers, and each one of those is shown along with a ranking. Based on that ranking, you can decide where to buy Bitcoin from. These are preferred by some experienced traders, as you can get very good bargains sometimes on such platforms, while buying your Bitcoin.

Bitcoin ATM: This is another method of where to buy Bitcoin from, and perhaps the easiest one, but the only drawback is the number of kiosks that have been deployed so far. If you have a Bitcoin ATM near you, you can just deposit money via cash or card, and buy Bitcoin in exchange. These work the same as traditional ATM machines, the only difference is you get Bitcoin instead of some fiat. Some Bitcoin ATMs require the user to have a pre-existing account and some do not even need that.

Indirect Buy Options: Apart from the above mentioned ways, another place, where to buy Bitcoin from, is indirect platforms. For example,, a kind of mini exchange, lets you buy Bitcoin for fiat money. There are many such platforms online. Next, for example you bet in with some fiat, and have a contract to withdraw the proceeds as Bitcoin, you are kind of buying the Bitcoin for some fiat. There are thousands of such facilities online, which let you buy Bitcoin in exchange for some traditional activity or mode.

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Above we have summarized the places, and more importantly technologies, where to buy Bitcoin from. But remember you must buy at the lowest possible rates. One such sure shot platform is, you can buy directly from them, or ask them to help you buy from some exchange, but you would definitely be able to get the best possible exchange price with this platform.