Of course this is the most important question, “how much can you make trading cryptocurrency”, when you decide on whether to start or not, cryptocurrency trading. This would be an inverse calculation, and might seem a silly one to ask for, however, all of us equivocally have this question in the back of our mind while considering a cryptocurrency trade, that how much are we going to save? Can we take this up as a full time professional? How rewarding is cryptocurrency trading? How much are people able to make on average out of cryptocurrency trading?

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How Much Can You Make with Cryptocurrency Trading
There cannot be one answer that fits all kinds of responses to this question. How much you can make trading cryptocurrency depends upon a number of factors and individual circumstances. For example the people who invested early in cryptocurrency, like in the year 2009 and 2010 etc., have made fortunes out of this kind of trading. Now let us first list some factors that impact how much you can make with cryptocurrency trading.

Investment: When it comes to making money, it is directly proportional to the amount that you can afford to invest. Now this is a tricky question, as that can also be directly proportional to the losses if the market moves the unexpected way! However, the rule of thumb is, the more you invest, the greater your profits will be. For example, consider a situation where you buy 100 Bitcoin, and you end up earning 1000 dollars, then with 150 Bitcoin, you could have earned 1500 dollars.

Portfolio: A diversified portfolio usually results in better returns. This means that you invest in multiple cryptocurrencies, at multiple exchanges and in multiple trading mechanisms. This is also a way of mitigating risks; however implementing a diversified portfolio requires great expertise and experience.

Market News: Crypto market is a great example of a volatile market, with a highly spiking and falling market. The fluctuations are quite gapped, so the scope of making a lot of money is there. If you are following the market news proactively, you can definitely make a lot of money out of cryptocurrency, you can make it go up higher by 5 or 6 times at least in a single trade, by buying and selling at the right times. Market news impacts cryptocurrency prices like nothing else.

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