Which cryptocurrency to invest in can be quite a difficult one to answer! For beginners, we can simply say start with Bitcoin, but for the bigger whales, who have been trading for a lot many years, and who have huge capital investments at stake, this decision of which cryptocurrency to invest in has to be made very carefully. It is a two-fold question in itself, one you must decide which all cryptocurrencies are you going to invest in, and second what percentage of your investment are you going to devote to which particular one.

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Which Cryptocurrency to Invest In: The Trending Answer
If you go by trend, of course it would be Bitcoin followed by Ethereum in terms of market share. But do you think it is really as simple? No! If you are to make considerable and consistent profits, and also if you are to tap the right crypto markets, then you must be flexible and quick in choosing your cryptocurrency to invest in. You just cannot go along with the market share or the market capitalization. You have to factor in a hundred other factors, like the trade mechanism, the medium, the preferred exchange, the preferred geography, the fiat mode etc. Also a more complicated factoring in, that is required, is the past trends of some particular crypto and the speculated future trends. A thorough comprehensive study is thus required into the question of which cryptocurrency to invest in before jumping to some conclusion.

The New and the Seasoned
If you are a new investor, all these factors and the associated charts and graphs and loads of data can easily overwhelm you and puzzle you to an extent, which you will no longer be able to decide on, “which cryptocurrency to invest in”. If you are a long time player, have considerable experience, and can make sense out of the available data, you would have most probably diversified your portfolio till now, to an extent, where you won’t have enough time to dive deep into this question, “which cryptocurrency to invest in”. So it again boils down to the same situation.

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Which Cryptocurrency to Invest In: The Solution
So a practical and easy solution, affordable as well, is a platform like executium.com. I am in favor of such desks because first these are online, so geography is not a constraint, and you can tap the best one from anywhere (executium.com is undoubtedly the best). Second, these have a full-fledged team of professional experts who do nothing but speculate about the market the entire day, and as such are able to predict in advance the best crypto trade currencies where you must invest. Third, although not all, but a few platforms, like executium.com offer varied services with respect to cryptocurrency: like they will also help you in tick trading, they will also help you in providing arbitrage betting via multiple exchanges, they will also help you in easier transactions etc. So all in all, these are the best and easiest solutions that we can have at a time, to which cryptocurrency to invest in!