Trading has been an interesting and appealing activity since time immemorial. However, considering the advent of technology, and the digitalization of currency, the mechanism of trading has undergone a paradigm shift from what it used to be even a few decades back.

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What Trading Is
Considering from a novice point of view, trading refers to the exercise of buying something at a price, and then making a sell off at a higher price that covers the transaction costs as well, with the end result that the investor makes a profit.

Different Types of Cryptocurrency Trading
There are many forms of cryptocurrency trading, depending on the option that an investor chooses.
Consider the following scenarios:

• You buy a cryptocurrency at one exchange, and sell it simultaneously on another exchange, known as Arbitrage.
• You bet via a cryptocurrency in one platform, but you go for arbitrage betting, so that you have a win-win situation in the end.
• You use an online platform like, rather than a physical exchange for trading some cryptocurrency.
• You go for fixing the price before you buy or sell the cryptocoins, that is, you go for options trading.
• You buy one cryptocurrency, but trade it for another one at the same or a different exchange. This is cross-currency crypto trading.
• Next is scalping, when you keep on trading all the time, even if you play on very little margins. Traders usually make trades every few minutes going with this form of trading.

Note: There are many more trading options also available, but the simplest and most basic ones have been discussed above for dummies, and is a platform, an online platform for cryptocurrency trading, for anyone and everyone.

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Can you do trading?
Yes, if you are an investor, or even a layman to invest, but can afford some spare cash, you can opt for crypto trading. Trading has forms that are absolutely risk free and can make easy money for a new trader. Also the amount of money you need to invest begins with just a few thousand dollars, for cryptocurrency, and sky is the limit.

What you will need to become an apt trader initially, is to have access to a platform that can help you make quick decisions and can support you with the hassle of complicated transactional formalities. has one such signature when it comes to financial online trading, especially for cryptocurrencies. It has with it listed, almost all the most popular and prevalent exchanges like Bitstemp, Karken etc., and has a large number of buyers and sellers so as to leverage down the transactional costs at a given point of time. Further, offers quick speed trading transactions and gives the best cryptocurrency trading signals and the trading bot algorithms which are kept on to be upgraded continuously. Check out their trading page for more insight into trading for dummies.