Bittrex is a U.S.based cryptocurrency exchange and is headquartered in Seattle, Washington. Its CEO and founder is Bill Shihara, who along with two partners worked in the Microsoft Security wing. Presently, the company has about 49 employees and is doing quite well both nationally and internationally in the crypto trading market.

How to Reach Bittrex
Bittrex was founded in 2013, and the company’s headquarters are at:

Seafirst Fifth Avenue Plaza
800 5th Ave, Suite 4100
WA 98104,

You can also reach Bittrex at their official website at or for international users located out of the U.S.

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The exchange is known for “security and scalability” features as its unique selling proposition, Bittrex is especially good even for beginners to cryptocurrency trading and for lightning fast cryptocurrency trading transactions.

In case you need support from Bittrex, check out the page.

The Bittrex blog is available at, and it was recently moved to this new location in June 2019.

The Bittrex cryptocurrency exchange was built for international customers and reformed to Bittrex International from Bittrex Malta around October 2018. The company restructured itself with a more structured and streamlined token approval process, instant trade execution and dependable digital wallets while undergoing this transformation. However, Bittrex International is different from in the sense that the former is meant for international customers, while the latter can be used by US citizens located in the U.S. or other citizens located in the U.S. only. The international platform works under the regulations and guidelines of the European government and the Maltese government, including the Malta Virtual Financial Assets Act.

Some useful e-mail addresses for

For Events, email at

For media enquiries, email at

For Careers, visit at

For token related queries, visit

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There have been rumors that Bittrex will soon be leaving the U.S., however, this is not the case. It plans to open a new facility in Malta to handle trades there locally, but the U.S. division is to be preserved as the company’s overall headquarter.
Bittrex on Social Media

Bittrex has also made its presence on social media on Twitter at, on Facebook at, the official forum at and Reddit at

The BitLicense for Bittrex
Bittrex has recently denied BitLicense is in New York, however, has challenged the state and has no plans to shift the business out of state. The company's website still gets maximum traffic from the U.S., followed by Russia and Vietnam. Bittrex usually gets organic traffic, about more than 90% and so this is another indicator of how well the company is doing.

The Official Mobile App for Bittrex
Another thing to note is that Bittrex does not have an official mobile app as of now in June 2019. Often investors are redirected to unofficial apps that confuse and try to dissimulate as a company app, but there is none.