Before saying anything else – yes. Yes, you should. Ever since crypto-currencies were designed, people tried to find the most efficient ways to profit from them. A successful example is automated trading, from which some even make a living. An automated trading system conducts, on your behalf, trades consisting of a purchased and sold financial asset, in order to gain money from the price difference.

auto trading system

A popular practice is that of day traders who conduct trades within 24 hours by taking advantage of small price changes that occur during the day. However, without proper knowledge, you cannot create a strategy that would avoid any losses. Thankfully, automated trading systems can conduct those trades for you if you add your preferred limits. One of the best choices is Executium, an online trading platform.

It accepts a wide range of users, from single users to businesses, and is built to fit any kind of setup, while also offering Single, Double and Combination strategy options. They allow exchanges on 6 platforms: Bitmex, Bitfinex, Kraken, Bittrex, Binance and Bitstamp, and not just for Bitcoin, but for any crypto-currency.

Once you register, Executium is free, and they offer 0.002 free BTC for you to be able to pay for future commissions without having to spend your money. Regardless of the system, however, automated trading has many advantages – it’s consistent, because it allows you to use pre-set rules. It has the ability to backtest while minimizing emotion, as orders are processed automatically, and before using the algorithm, traders can evaluate their rules using the old data.

automated trade system

Of course that it’s good to know what you’re doing, because relying 100% on technologies isn’t always ideal, but informing yourself on the matter before investing requires a low level of effort.