Cryptocurrencies are digital currencies in which encryption techniques are used to make them work as a medium of exchange using cryptography. In simpler terms, it’s digital money independent of any government. Because of these reasons, crypto-currencies are safer and have quicker transactions. They also provide more anonymity than fiat currency, which is why some prefer Crypto instead of your regular fiat currency.

automated trading online

In time, people designed automated trading systems to profit from these currencies. These systems basically involve the buying and selling of a financial asset, thus making money from the price difference. Since crypto prices fluctuate quite fast, people have very little time available to research certain factors and see when the time is right to conduct trades. Because of this, automated trading systems use software that is able to process complex algorithms much faster than the human brain could.

In this manner, people only have to add the desired limits, and the system will automatically take care of the rest. In terms of quality, it doesn’t matter if you’re a day trader or not – you still have to find the best rated automated trading system if you want to minimize your chance of losing.

online automated trading

At the moment, Executium is on top, according to crypto users. First of all, they allow a wide range of users to register, from single users to businesses, and is built to fit any type of setup, while offering Single, Double and Combination strategy options. They allow exchanges on 6 platforms: Bitmex, Bittrex, Kraken, Bitfinex, Bitstamp and Binance, and it’s not just for Bitcoin. Once you register, Executium is free, but they offer 0.002 free BTC in the beginning in order to be able to pay for future commissions without having to spend your own money. In short, it’s worth a try.