Bitcoin trading signals, or simply “Bitcoin signals”, must have two components, one that must be accurate, and the second these must be legit. Bitcoin signals are suggestions that alert a user that now is the right time to enter the Bitcoin trade, at the specific rate that prevails at that time. These are kind of alerts and so have the immediacy associated with them, keeping in mind the volatile nature of the Bitcoin market.

Services for Bitcoin Trading Signals:
Seasoned investors usually opt for Bitcoin trading signals, and these are received mainly via sms, emails, RSS feeds, tweets and app alerts, if there is one. This is to ensure that the investor must at once get to know about the open opportunity, or the green signal, and must make a trade immediately.

bitcoin trading signals

One can opt for:
1. Free Bitcoin trading signals, that many online platforms are providing, but these might not be very accurate and are not recommended.
2. Paid signals from an automated computer, still not very accurate.
3. Paid signals from a human analyst (who will combine computer knowledge with his own professional expertise), usually very accurate, check out for this service. This ranks almost at par to cryptomedics, but the prices are quite low compared to that.
4. Paid signals are calculated via the aggregation of inputs from many systems, that is, multiple sources. You can find such services at
5. A trading software that can be installed in the investor’s own machine, so that it gives signals at the right time to its user.
Elements of a Trading Signal

Although this is not a hard and fast rule, usually the trading signal will be composed of components.
First Component: Usually calls for the action that you must buy or sell.
Second Component: Guides regarding which coins to buy or sell if you trade in multiple currencies.
Third Component: Suggests the price at which the trade must be made.
Fourth Component: Information about the take profit and stop loss orders.
Fifth Component: Any other relevant and useful information that must be conveyed to the investor.

bitcoin trading signal

Who must use Bitcoin Trading Signals?
Ideally, anyone and everyone trading Bitcoins must go for Bitcoin trading signals from a reliable and legit source, whatsoever the amount of Bitcoins involved. Many seasoned investors, however, skip this step. But, as a novice, you must not waste your hard earned Bitcoins. Many-a-times, new traders, who are not so familiar with the tricks of the trade, still like to trade, as it is also a bit addicting. So for all these categories, Bitcoin trading signals are a great rescue option. But always ensure that your signal provider is reliable, as this can make or mar the situation. One such platform or reliable Bitcoin trading signal provider is provides a number of varied options and packages for Bitcoin trading signals, but all precise, accurate and bona fide. also offers arbitrage services, has all the major exchanges listed and is a unique merger of multiple financial services related to different cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin.