As crypto-currencies are emerging as the most popular fiat currency alternative, people are trying to make the process of spending, gaining and trading money even easier. In order to achieve this, numerous trading platforms have been designed along with trading bots to help you conduct successful trades with minimum effort.

bitcoin trading

What is a Bitcoin trading bot?
As Bitcoin trading essentially involves the purchase and sale of such assets, Bitcoin trading bots are here to do the math for you by analyzing the trends and executing your trades when appropriate. These bots are programs that use several indicators in order to do so, and it seems like they managed to make their way through the market.

You can find them as free software, or you can see them as an investment if you’re a professional day trader. Some of these bots provide candlestick chart pattern recognition and allow users to combine this with different trading signals in order to develop several trading strategies. Since a crypto trading bot buys and sells on your behalf, it’s good to gather information first if you want to avoid losing money.

bitcoin traders

Why executium?
An efficient way to do this is to take executium into consideration – the world’s most acclaimed trading platform provides safe conditions for executing trades and has minimal commissions (of 0.015% on successful trades) that you can pay from the free 0.002 BTC you receive when signing up.

It’s a good start for beginners, whether we’re talking about single users or large businesses, as executium allows a broad range of users to gain profit from crypto trading. Their trades are automated, which means that the only thing left for you to do is develop a strategy and set proper limits within which the trades will be executed.