Electronic Trading Platforms are online interfaces where people trade financial assets – this means that the Electronic Trading System with Bitcoin is a platform where people can interact with the crypto-currency market. In this field, such platforms are known as exchanges. These businesses allow customers to trade crypto-currencies for other assets, such as other digital currencies or conventional (fiat) money.

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Some of them also allow customers to convert digital money to fiat currency, which is, in simpler terms, regular money, like euros or dollars. It’s become generally acknowledged that Bitcoin markets are not exactly like most markets, even though they share common points. In order to find the best Electronic Trading Platform with Bitcoin, there are a few things that should be taken into consideration;

Firstly, the trade volume shows how much Bitcoin the platform is handling at a given time. The higher the volume, the closer that platform is to the average Bitcoin market value, so you should either search for it on the platform, or on a trade volume index. Also, charges are important because they can determine the type of platform you need. For instance, the most used type of payment method is the percentile basis, which works best for people within a small-mid range of trading.

One of the most popular exchanges is Binance. It’s a market which doesn’t have any identity requirements, meaning that your trades can be managed anonymously. Obviously, it imposes limits on unverified accounts, but they’re reasonable. The withdrawal fee is influenced by the market conditions, but it is, on average, of 0.1% - usually, however, discounts are applied, so users don’t have to pay any such fee for the first few years.

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There are many other Electronic Trading Platforms with Bitcoin, like LocalBitcoins or eToro, but once you gather information about each of them, you can choose whatever suits you best.