The meteoric rise in the popularity of crypto mining has led to the evolution of bitcoin bot. The bot is an automated machine that helps the investors to recognize the market trends and execute the trade accordingly. The bot entails several features which help the investor to view their trade related information on the supported exchange and it entails features like trailing stop loss, copy trading, and automated mean reversion trades. These bots are easy to configure and navigate.

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Can a novice leverage this bot to their advantage?
It is bliss for a novice who is still learning about the fundamentals of the bitcoin. There are certain bots that come equipped with embedded external signalers, which help the inexperienced traders to trade their bot on an autopilot mode.

Why Bitcoin bots have become popular?
Bitcoin bots have generated buzz for all the right and wrong reasons. But its applications are too significant to brush aside.

- The Bots are equipped with the latest cloud technology and artificial intelligence to make the process of trading faster and accurate. The data stored in the platform will be secured and there is no reason to worry about.
- The software offers extensive support to multiple currencies and exchanges and allows back-testing of the strategies.
- The bitcoin bot has the power to aggregate the data and simulate the live market using historical price data.
- There are certain bots that help the investors to understand the candlestick chart pattern which further allows the users to combine their strategy with this to make an informed decision.
- The bitcoin bots assist the investor to make huge profits from arbitrage method of trading.

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Is there any risk involved?
Well, as said there are enormous benefits of trading through these bots, but as these are in a nascent stage so using them in an illiquid market will involve a lot of risks. Furthermore, there are certain other risks associated with this like software crash, heavy losses due to malware attack, etc.