The recent plunge in the value of Bitcoin has raised eyebrows for most cryptocurrency enthusiasts. The drop has sent the original crypto to levels that have given every investor a run for their money. That came just after Bitcoin's price shot its way up last year.

I know you are probably wondering what's next for this great giant? Are we witnessing the end of the biggest crypto coin in the world? Well, stick around and I will give you an answer to these questions. Last month, the Bitcoin price started on a downward trend.

After reaching its all-time high, Bitcoin's price left everyone predicting its downfall. Well, guys here is a taste of its fall. Currently, as of this writing, the price of bitcoin is at $3,840.94. Last year, everyone knew Bitcoins. From my grandparents, parents, kids to the people at the office. But as much as we all anticipated the fall, no one thought that it could happen.

bitcoin price tomorrow

That's because cryptocurrency is shaping the future. It's one of the most essential elements in our future lives. Even though Bitcoin is struggling to compete with the likes of stocks and bonds, we all hope that it will get its relevant spot someday. All the same, this coin has a long way to go.

So how will Bitcoin fair tomorrow and in the future?

Let's face it. No one can predict the future of cryptocurrencies as we know it. If anyone claims that they know what will happen, then they are only telling a lie. However, we can only speculate. I'm a cryptocurrency enthusiast and I know that the crypto space is a technology that's here to stay.

It doesn't matter if you use it or not. All the same, you will possibly end up using crypto coins out of sheer necessity. What's more, Ohio just decided to accept Bitcoins for business tax payments. That means that this might be good news for the currency.

bitcoin price future

All in all, the future of Bitcoin is something that might cause arguments at the dinner table. A number of people refer to Bitcoin as a bubble. Meaning that they compare Bitcoin's rise to the internet bubble that happened in 1990s and later crashed to low levels. Most of the people who bought these stocks lost a lot of money. Hence, crypto enthusiasts now think that 2019 will be the year that Bitcoin will fall and every person who's invested in Bitcoins will lose.

That is why you only invest money that you are willing to lose in case such an incidence happens. Anyway, that doesn't mean that Bitcoin will crash in 2019. As a crypto investor, I can only give you speculations of the future and I believe that Bitcoin will rise again. It might be struggling at the moment but it has a brighter future than ever before.

As I said earlier, no one knows for sure what the future holds, especially when it comes to the crypto space. We can only give speculation of the prices. All in all, Bitcoin is here to stay. And be ready for an even higher ATH.