Bitcoin is a digital currency which is gaining popularity globally all the time. Bitcoin currency is based on digital computing. It is in contrast to the traditional money that gets backed by gold and silver. Bitcoin is minted in distributed computers and decentralized.

Trading Bitcoin
The initial step in trading bitcoin is to create a wallet, or the coin-base purse specifically meant for bitcoins — bitcoin trading depends on the speculative nature of the market. There are strategies employed in bitcoin trade and companies use platforms where a trader gets two options - demo and real trading. The demo is explicitly used explicitly for the practice and application of laid strategies. The real account is where a trader uses real money.

The first strategy that does not require experience or skills is Hold strategy. Traders are required to monitor the price of bitcoin and execute plans to sell or buy when a particular point is reached.

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The other strategy is the use of news and events in the market. The underlying fact is that bitcoin is based on the demand and supply that is prevailing in the market. Events that are influential in bitcoin trading are a fork. When the fork occurs, the price of bitcoin decreases, and the holders, as well as adepts, get divided by the fork. Other events are those that are discussed by the community, policies towards bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. When there are important events and changes in policies, then it is the best time of trading.

Furthermore, technical analysis is another strategy that is important in trading bitcoin. One carries out analysis of the market. When there is a high demand, the price of bitcoin increases, and when the demand is low, bitcoin price decreases. It is based on the trend. One monitors the trend over a given set time. If the trend is down then it is the best time to sell bitcoin. When the trend is up, then it is the best time to buy bitcoin. The advantage is that it is illustrative, there are a wide variety of tools, available data, and the price is inclusive.

The scalping strategy is another strategy. In this method, one opens many trades on a single trade and executes a sell or a buy on reaching a set point to earn profits. It employs analysis of the signals and the market over a given period. The method is a fast entrance and exit; do not freeze money and colossal bitcoin price volatility.

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Price change in the Market
Since the conditions such as policies and events vary in the market, the prices in the market are changing. The price depends on the demand and supply of the bitcoin in the market.

How does Trading Bitcoin Work
Trade in bitcoin currency works only with the use of the OBV indicator. OVB indicators are the best in trading bitcoin. It employs a combination of price and volume. Through the use of the indicator, one is able to know the amount of money in and out of the market. The good is that this OBV indicator is available on many trading platforms. Even though there is no perfect indicator, the OBV indicator illustrates the price and market movement so that one makes a decision.

In conclusion, trading bitcoin requires one to be conversant to the prevailing conditions in the market, the events, policies, and news. The OBV indicator assists traders in trading bitcoin. One is only required to learn how to use it in conjunction with market analysis.