What is the difference between USD and USDT has captivated a lot of interest since the notorious transactions with Tether took place and since the cryptocurrency token started to interest many. Basically, USD is the ISO acronym for 1 Dollar worth of United States Currency, that is, the United States Dollar. However, USDT is a symbol that has been used to trade Tether tokens. Tether is a blockchain-based cryptocurrency, like any other cryptocurrency, but its tokens are circulated with an equivalent amount of fiat being deposited into some designated bank. It can be in Euros, in USD or any other fiat for that matter. However, the price or value of a Tether token is usually displayed with respect to the US dollar and that is why the token is also symbolized as USDT.

What Is The Difference Between USD And USDT

The difference between USD and USDT should be clear by now. Look at some distinctions between the two with respect to some baseline criteria below.

While USD is the currency of the United States of America and are the symbols that are used to denote Tether tokens. 

1 USD is 100 cents always, while 1 USDT can have fluctuating value depending upon the value of the fiat and other market conditions that it is traded against. 

USD is denoted by the symbol “$” while USDT is in itself a symbol. 

USD refers to money, or fiat cash, or liquidity in one sense. But how liquid USDT is, at some point in time, depends upon the state of the security holding banks and of Tether Limited as an independent entity itself. SO liquidity is unpredictable. There were some scandals too in late 2018 with respect to Tether’s liquidity, as it was not able to deliver what it had promised at its launch. Tether had inadequate reserves of backing.

Each Tether token was claimed to be backed up by 1 USD when it was launched, but vice versa is not true. Secondly the value of the Tether token, that is, USDT has been fluctuating since then, unlike the case with USD.

While USDT can be used to manipulate the price of Bitcoin, or any other crypto token for that matter, USD cannot be put to such a use. 

So we see that USD is something valuable even if it is not backed by anything tangible. It is only the promise of the banks that makes it precious. It has continued to maintain its position since time immemorial. However, USDT has got itself pegged up against USD, so we can say that it is backed up by something tangible. Still, it is not as valuable as the USD itself. This is the irony of the situation, and whether we are to invest in USD or in USDT must be a conscious and well thought out decision. Companies like executium.com are there to help us and there is no harm in taking some valuable advice.