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No catches, no gimmicks, just good old-fashioned trading competitions. Why? We have just freshly launched our trading system and are in give-away mode. Join today, and sign up to our trading competitions. There is currently $1,000s up for grabs. All prizes paid in USDT.
Start now and win USDT
Open for everyone, simply register, join the competition and start trading for profit. No fees or catches.
No fee to join, simple daytrading, winner takes it all.
To celebrate the launch of our new generation of trading system, we are adding more and more to the trading competition pot. You are invited to join and compete to not only make profit trading, but actually have a shot at winning 1000s of dollars in trading competition prizes.
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Trading Competition
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Getting Started with Day Trading Competitions
Getting started with competitions is easy and can be done in just a few steps. First, navigate to the competitions page. Competitions can be accessed through the dashboard or on the competition’s tab found in the main menu. Once you select a competition, all you have to do is click “Join”.
How to profit and win by trading

Day Trading Competitions

Any competition-type orders created prior to clicking join will not count towards the competition. There are no prerequisites, fees, or conditions to joining a competition. Any account type or trader can join at no additional risk to them.

Consider joining competitions if you are already creating qualifying orders through your own personal trading.

On the competitions page, review the rules of the competition, these include:

• Pairs being traded
• Minimum volume requirements
• Minimum order size requirements
• Minimum order count requirements
• Minimum order return on investment
• And the winning conditions which could include top return on investments, top order counts, or highest drivetime.

Orders that do not meet the minimum requirements will not be counted towards competitions. On the day trading page, competition orders will show a trophy icon next to them. There will also be a display to notify you that your order qualifies for a competition above the order customization window, here you can also opt orders out of competitions.

Continue to keep track of your position on the leaderboard and consider your competitor’s performance to reform your strategies. The leaderboard updates every 10 minutes. Take part in a larger community of traders by joining competitions and for a chance to win prizes.
BTC competition
Take part in multiple competitions
Concurrent Competitions
Concurrent competitions are limited for lower-tiered subscriptions to ensure that competitions don’t become oversaturated. Silver accounts and up will have an unlimited number of concurrent competitions they can join at a time, giving them more chances to win at a prize.

Participate in executium competitions for additional rewards on top of your profit. Navigate to the “Competitions” tab in the main menu and select a suitable competition for you.Before joining a competition, consider the rules and conditions to qualify and win.
Trading System
Trading System
Getting started in a trading competition
Executium Competition Overview
Take into account the pairs being traded, the position, the competition period, and the minimum prerequisites required to qualify for a spot on the leader board. To keep competitions fair and available to everyone, we diversify the winning criteria of each competition.

If you are trading with lower capital, you might want to avoid competitions where “Top Volume” is the winning criteria. Choose competitions to participate in based on your chances of winning. You must click “Join Competition” for your orders to count towards the competition.

When creating an order, make sure that they meet the proper requirements. Qualifying competition orders will have a trophy icon next to their order type. Stay up to date with all executium events by following our announcements on the official executium website and our official social media channels.

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Crypto Trading System
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