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If you are having a specific request related to your current usage of executium, that you may be better served speaking to our support team who are available 24/7. You can access support for the executium trading system or through the website, either way a member of the technical team will get back to you right away.
Institutional Investors
Growth in unregulated crypto currencies has been exponential. However, with crypto exchanges mushrooming by dozens, there is no fixed protocol/standard or any accepted norm for any exchange to follow. This has resulted in some exchanges not having basic working APIs which would classify as being acceptable.

As crypto currencies gain acceptance and fund managers start accepting these as an asset class, the need to have a trading system that bridges the technological gap is more than ever.

Crypto Trading System

With that objective in mind, Executium has been built. For example, we built 128 patches for an exchange to ensure a sustainable trading environment is created and maintained.

• We have a separate platform that can be customised for an institutional investor.
• We build user specific algorithms and also provide API connectivity.
• We provide 24/7 support to dedicated infrastructure for institutional investors.

You can benefit from creating a user specific network and infrastructure, there is no sharing of resources with any one other user, currently we provide a first class network, but that resource is shared amongst active users which can add nanoseconds to the cycle, by having your own standalone solution you elimate that aspect. We have many available options for all interested and current users, from a white labelled solution all the way to specific algorithm formulating.
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Crypto Trading System
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