Once it was the time that if you earned some substantial amount of cryptocurrency, you can be financially secure for a lifetime. But today, safekeeping your cryptocurrency securely is equally important. It is tough to say what is more important: earning some cryptocurrency or learning how to store cryptocurrency securely. One is useless without the other. While you might be looking for dozens and dozens of articles online on how to earn cryptocurrency, finding out how to store cryptocurrency securely is not that common. This requirement may have surfaced only recently, with online threats and attacks becoming more frequent now compared to the ratio previously.

Crypto Security

Top 5 Ways to Store Cryptocurrency Securely

It is sort of a rare occasion when cryptocurrency experts like executium.com like to shift from the routine discussion of ways to make more out of cryptocurrency, and discuss how to store cryptocurrency securely instead. Read some expert remedies below that you can use to safeguard your hard-earned cryptocurrency.

1. Use Wallets with Safe Sources: A large number of crypto wallets from less trustworthy exchanges which offer alluring rewards are malware in disguise. It is better to use a crypto wallet that is from a reputed and reliable company, having a standing of many years. You would not want to have accumulated hundreds of cryptos in a wallet and then find that they were declared bankrupt overnight. This is one reason why investors are now preferring middleman platforms like executium.com to store cryptocurrency securely. Losing it without any fault of yours is not worth it. It is better to keep it safe in reliable places.

 2. Safeguard your Passwords: Cryptocurrency wallets are not physically made out of any material. Instead, these are just a few ways in which encryption is protected via passwords. If you are looking for more on how to store cryptocurrency securely, you must learn to store your passwords securely. If you lose them, you lose all your cryptocurrency. If someone hacks them, you will once again lose all your cryptocurrency. 

3. Type of Wallet: Wallets come in many varieties, each having its own pros and cons. So choose one that suits you. For example, you can store your crypto tokens in cold wallets, or advanced encrypted software pieces specifically designed for this. There are many, many options. Explore your choices.

Cryptocurrency Security

4. Divide: This fourth tip on how to store cryptocurrency securely is more logical than technical. You must not keep all your cryptocurrency in one place or in a single wallet. That way, the chances of risk are reduced to quite an extent. If there is a problem with one wallet, you lose only a chunk and not the total crypto tokens that you have earned so far. Makes sense?

5. Private Secure Networks: Last but not least, always use secure private networks to transact or access your crypto tokens. It is not good to use public Wi-Fi or Hotspots at airports, railway stations, restaurants etc., as this is not good practice for financial transactions.