What will Bitcoin be like in 20 or 30 years from now? Will Altcoins cease to exist in the next decade as they are already losing their luster? Will investors become more crypto averse in the years to come? How do you know if a coin will exist or not in the future? These are some of the questions that occur in any cryptocurrency investor’s mind, even when he or she continues to trade in the niche. Kind of background music, you know! And why not! The crypto market is volatile and unpredictable. Since the launch of the first crypto in around 2009, there has been a never stopping momentum, sometimes upwards and sometimes downwards! Some coins have come and gone, while some of them have been here to stay! So how can we predict the future? It is so easy to go fluffed and so tough to strike it right!

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How Do You Know If A Coin Will Exist or Not In The Future

Now one thing that all of us must understand is that these are all speculations. But speculation is based on logic and history, of course. A piece of this write up might look absolutely foolish, or it might turn out to be totally incredible, only the future could tell! Nevertheless, analysts and investors are always interested in making such predictions and then going for them anyway while they place their cryptocurrency trades in place. 

An important factor to say how do you know if a coin will exist or not in the future is, by checking the mechanism as to how it would affect society in the coming few years. We are not talking about the net worth or the market cap figures here; that must tend to fluctuate with the estimation of this effect of the coin on our daily lives. So will it be 0, or will it be millions, is just a solicitation of this idea. So rather than jumping into the question and coming to a conclusion in just 5 minutes of the dive, it is better to have a more holistic picture of how the coin is affecting and how it can do so in the coming future, the lives of the commoners.

The Predictions: If A Coin Will Exist or Not In The Future

With that said, if we read a number of research texts and financial analysis, we can wrap it up this way: Perhaps cryptocurrency and blockchain have been the biggest innovations of the last few years and it won’t be easy to sleep off. They are here to stay guys. Now how do you know if a coin will exist or not in the future, in particular? Check out the following and see if you can tick most of them:

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  • How is the coin affecting your life?
  • How is the coin progressing since its launch?
  • How is the coin helping startups?
  • How is the coin helping major giants like Google, Facebook, Amazon and all?
  • Is the coin under some rigorous tax regulations?
  • Is the coin safe?

If one is positive about these questions here, your coin is most likely to stay!