The cryptocurrency boom has brought changes to the world of money and ways in which we do transactions. Did you know that every time you sent or receive a cryptocurrency of any type somewhere someone is paid a commission for verifying the transactions? The small fee paid to those verifying your transaction is what can be indicated as mining fee. Miners solve the complex mathematical problems of auditing the Blockchain ledger by making sure it is incorruptible. The question of how much cryptocurrency can someone mine shall depend on a variety of conditions that a miner must fulfill. These conditions include the power of their equipments, efficiency, effectiveness and performance of their mining rig.

How Much Cryptocurrency Can I Mine

To be a miner, it doesn't mean you should be among those mathematical geniuses from top universities inorder to solve the complex mathematical problems. This implies that you'll need a mining rig which is a series of computers that can be able to arrive to the solution of verifying a transaction at a faster rate. Therefore, for your services for solving the verification problem that is incorruptible then accepted into the block you'll be paid in tokens that are worth any digitalised fiat currency. To understand more about this phenomenon we shall dive deeply into the mining practices then evaluate how they are carried out.

There are two types of miners in this field who are different from each other. The first type is the Investor type who come to a mining site then hire rigs working at particular power. Then there is the second type who the Real Miners on the site servicing the rigs in maintenance, upkeep and performing tasks. The investor type are the most because they don't need to have any expertise in the field, all they need is a lot of money to hire the rigs working with different powers. They can hire this equipments then agree to receive a particular interest on their invested capital after a stipulated time frame. The interests can be in terms of percentages ranging from 20-1000 depending on their rig of their choice.

To be a miner, it doesn't

Those Real Miners on the site where the Graphics Processing Units(rigs) are set up will work daily to make sure the firm is working perfectly. They will replace any broken appliances, supply electricity to the plant and keep watching the monitor for the performance of their firm. Their limits to how much they can mine is not limited as long as the firm is working perfectly. In addition, they can mine more if the electricity supply is consistent due to the rigs require to consume more power as they work. When they verify a 1 MB(Megabyte) of Bitcoins transactions they will be eligible to be rewarded with tokens worth of Bitcoins. There are various kinds of antiminers which are rigs that work in different powers that assist in the works of a miner's firm.

An antiminer will have a "hash rate" which is the measure for the rig's power to verify then mine cryptocurrency. Hash rate are evaluated in megahashes per second (MH/s), gigahashes per second (GH/s) and terahashes per second (TH/s). With such power the antiminer can have the capability to produce a certain level of verification which shall be rewarded as tokens. These equipments are then set up by the experts in a good way to ensure they work excellently in performing their purposes. The rig's may be either a Graphic Processing Units (GPU) or Application Specific Integrated Circuits (ASIC) that can be used to set up your computing firm that mines cryptocurrency.

There are two types of miners

When building of the plant, the owners should ensure all the required necessities are considered to enable your antiminers to work efficiently in delivering the intended purpose. The bigger the plant the more responsibilities the owner shall have to keep it running swiftly, smoothly, perfectly and be rewarded abundantly. Miners will need to ensure a steady electricity supply in their plants therefore they should be prepared with backup generators and solar panels as a contingency plan. This is to keep the plant operating always hence working continuously without a halt or interference. The firms should have the best cooling systems to minimize the heat produced by the antiminers.

Overheating is a problem that should be handled by employing the best ways of ventilation system that shall work tirelessly to ensure the conditions inside the firms are good. Inorder to verify a block, you are need to authenticate an approximation of one megabyte of transactions. That is the easy part of block verification but the hard part is to be the first one to verify it. Here, you are required to devise a 64-digit digit hexadecimal number that is close to the required correct number. There is no right answer hence it would just be by luck to arrive to the approximate correct answer that your rig's will work out in solving the block's problem. To mine cryptocurrency in great numbers you:LL need faster, efficient and powerful antiminer that arrive to solutions at a faster rate.

How much you can earn will depend on to the time period you are excavating the cryptocurrencies. When cryptocurrency began, those who mined the coins were paid fifty Bitcoins for solving of those hash problems highlighted above. The payment has been slashed to half after every four years as the price of specific coin has grown rapidly. Checking in the year 2020, those who mined Bitcoin were rewarded with 6 BTC for successful completion of a hashing problem.

Those Real Miners on the site

Finally, to all who will be interested in participating in verifying blocks then being rewarded with quantity of cryptocurrency would consider the above mentioned factors to benefit from this venture. This is a profitable business to both the owners of the firm and the investors who could hire rigs to perform the tasks for them. The quantity of how much cryptocurrency can be mined will depend on the strength, powers and speeds of your antiminer of your choice. Rewards from hashing activities will be slashed to a half after every four years in an attempt to keep the highest level of digital fiat coins in the required supply.