One of the best uses of internet that people most often put it to is for self-learning. Genres that are comparatively new to the general public make a good topic for such studies and publications over the net. Cryptocurrency is one such field that has although evolved very recently, just about a decade old, it has managed to interest most of us. Today, we are writing to discuss what are the best crypto trading strategies for beginners. Although these trading strategies are more suitable for beginner investors in cryptocurrency, I am sure some seasoned players can use these ideas too.

What Makes the Best Crypto Trading Strategies for Beginners

Trading Strategy

Before we actually take on to what can be the best crypto trading strategies for beginners, let us clarify one thing, as to what makes for the best crypto trading strategies. That is, the parameters on which one can judge these strategies to rate them to be the best or mediocre. For example, if a strategy is able to provide more with lesser capital investment, it is the best, especially for beginners because they most often don’t have much to put in. Next, real trading strategies must be based upon quantitative parameters so that the results can be measured more objectively. You will notice that most of the best crypto trading strategies for beginners are plain common sense, but something hard to observe these days.

Best Crypto Trading Strategies for Beginners

A best crypto trading strategy can be different for different investors. However, more or less the idea remains bound by the same factors. So one can choose whatever suits him or her best as per individual needs as a cryptocurrency trader.

Trading Strategies

1. Start with one currency: Now I am not being biased or bent towards some particular crypto token, but for most beginners it is advisable to start with a single one (most likely Bitcoin). Once you face and learn to handle the hassles involved in cryptocurrency trading, you can diversify your portfolio as widely as you like.

2. Pairs Trade: This trading strategy is based on the idea of long/short trading, just that in a pairs trade one tends to benefit no matter what side of the origin the token price moves. So a comparatively safer mechanism for beginner traders who are still trying to learn the tricks of the trade.

3. Expert Services: Hiring online consultancies like is yet another way of boosting your profits and learning the game of cryptocurrency trades. Investors prefer online platforms in this regard because cryptocurrency is dominantly traded online, so hiring an expert consultant online makes the task much easier. 

4. Scalping: Scalping refers to the practice of cashing in your investments even when the prices rise by a small bit. This is done with the sole motive of lowering risk and trading easily multiple times a day, into smaller transactions. A very apt trading strategy for beginner traders. 

Remember that a mix and match of the above strategies can make your trades even more profitable. Crypto is a lucrative niche, it's just that you must learn the best crypto trading strategies once you're a beginner.