2020 is a volatile year as far cryptocurrency investment is concerned; maybe this year is the trend turning bullish from bearish. Since there is a lot of expectation this year, as the price has fallen continuously, some people think it's the right time to invest. Before purchasing such cyber wealth, you must prioritize your choice like selling after long holding or might be a short term gain. It depends on yourself how optimistic you are about making profits. Let's see some good options to put your money so that you may see a tremendous incremental curve in the future.

Zcash(ZEC): Zcash is comparatively new to the scenario, and has around 21 million dollars in the transaction. Putting your money in Zcash is relatively comfortable as you may get a detailed record of sale, keeping yourself as anonymous. The present value of the virtual currency is $79 (point) 91 per unit. Business head here is forward thinking and plans expansion strategies and growth theories irrespective of the merchandise challenges. Hence, it's a recommended cyber currency where you can put your money without a second thought.

Cryptocurrency  that is worth investing in 2020

Dash (DASH): Created in 2015, Dash is regarded as one of the most popular Cryptocurrency and has the daily transaction value is $100 million. The cost of the virtual cash is $146 (point)10, and their asset base has increased in a small period. Current market capitalization of the cyber currency is over $1(end) 2 billion. Dash is one of the best forms of virtual money where you can invest.

Neo (NEO): Da Hong invented Neo Coin, and this for Cryptocurrency is one of the most populars'. The NEO technology was underpinned by a Byzantine fault tolerant system that makes it one of the world's most sophisticated systems. Having improved stake tech makes it one of the best cyber currencies of the world to invest. The present value for NEO is $12(point)43 per unit and one of the most desired method of exchange.

Neo (NEO): Da Hong invented Neo

Steem(STEEM): Steemit is known as the blogging and social media platform, decided to venture Cryptocurrency. People who are budding writers are often awarded through Steem, and this token can be used for payment across other platforms. Cryptocurrency is gaining popularity and aspiring writers are showing off their creative skills to earn tokens in terms of Steemit. The present market value for the virtual currency is 0(point)41 dollars and is comparatively cheaper to afford.

Cardano (ADA): If you are looking for the distributed computing base implementing block chain technology for the ADA coin, then Cardano is the best site. Being a decentralized block chain platform, Cardano is rightly the open-source for cryptocurrency projects. Based on the Haskell code, Cardano is the first Cryptocurrency platform for projects which were considered mission impossible. The current electronic cash price is below 1 dollar, like 0(point) 08 dollars per unit.

Cardano (ADA): If you are looking

Tron (TRX): Launched by Justin Sun, Tron is meant for the decentralized platforms through that you can make fast and secure transactions. Most of the investors are admiring the potential of Tron in the upcoming months, so it's experiencing increased popularity gradually. The golden advice for Cryptocurrency dealers is to buy when the rate is low and then sell off when it rises. The primary target audience here is those who support and promote the entertainment industry, enabling users to upload and download various media types through Google Play Store and other middlemen parties. Tron is priced at $0 (point) 03 per unit and is considered one of the lowest of electronic currency.

Nem (NEM): Nem is quite different from other cryptocurrencies as it's harvested instead of being mined. To collect for the next time, you require proof of the importance, and that's another reason which makes it different from others. The transaction time taken by Nem is 6 seconds, and 20 seconds are taken for confirmation. So, it's like you spend a penny on sending $100 and 10 cents to send $1000. This is awesome and quite low, that's why loved by many. The price you will buy Nem is $0(point) 08, that's quite affordable.

Nem (NEM): Nem is quite different

Binance Coin(BNB): Binance is not only one of the largest cryptocurrency exchange, but it's a coin. They have high liquidity and one of the assets known to be superior in terms of cryptocurrency trading. BNB upscales itself during turmoil too, which is why people prefer this cyber cash. This electronic cash has added 15 new tokens and seen the adoption of 50 percent afterward. Binance cost is $31 today and is one of the most desired for Cryptocurrency today. The most popular and used virtual currency is Binance that might be this can replace all other forms of digital payment.

Ox(ZRX): The latest trend of Cryptocurrency that's grabbing the attention of traders and investors is ZRX. This is a decentralized exchange of ERC20 tokens and allows users to directly place order from their Ethereum wallets. Compared to Cryptocurrency. The digital currency allows much higher liquidity. ZRX was much in the news when Coinbase announced listing the first ERC 20 token on its platform. The price of ZRX today is $0(point) 3 and having a market cap of nearly 2 billion dollars.

Ontology (ONT): This is a high operation multi-chain focused on creating interoperable blockchain channels. ONT will be the most preferred form of exchange of digital currency in the coming years. This digital currency records a meteoric rise in the share of market capital, quite significant in the third quarter. The price per unit of Ontology is $1(point)44 and has a market cap of over 7 million dollars.

Till 28th October 2018, there are 3047 types of cryptocurrencies as per 'Coinmarketcap'. The most trusted ones were discussed and are the most convenient. Try following legal sites that allow mining and trade of digital money abiding full safety and the minimum loopholes. Consider CoinSwitch(dot)co, one of the most trusted and accessible platform used for Cryptocurrency exchange. The above mentioned Cryptocurrency is all 100 percent safe, and you can invest or trade in any one form, that will bear profit in the future. Investing in Cryptocurrency is worth the risk you take; in fact, people have profited from transactions, the most significant take you can probably think.