Crypto exchanges make money. However, the losses in the past two years have made people skeptical. Why? Winter came in 2018, and crypto losses came with it. Most new investors have lost over 70% of their inputs.

It was only a year before in 2017 when people were partying and displaying their gains all over the web. And they can be forgiven because the profits made investors millionaires within no time.

How do you make crypto exchanges profitable?

Manage Your Expectations

First, learn to manage your excitement. Alex Kruger, a former banker, believes the 2018 losses, and the subsequent dip, happened because people became detached from reality, making wild projections after the 2017 returns. Cryptocurrency exchanges are unpredictable, and that's the reason the huge losses did not wipe crypto off the market.


Every year crypto has its fluctuations, but losses from hacking and fraud are on the rise. Consolidating your digital wallets and cryptocurrency exchanges is advisable. Secure your transactions and watch out for scammers.

Every year crypto has its fluctuations,

CipherTrace reports that in 2018 $1.7 billion went into thin air in the crypto industry. A further $4 billion (or more) was stolen in 2019 through scammers, hackers, and other crimes. Always do research on security measures before investing.

Bitcoin Halving

Bitcoin halving is another trend that crypto enthusiasts anticipate. Bitcoin cuts its supply in half to prevent price increases and ensure scarceness. The last two halvings happened in 2012 and the next in 2016. Experts believe the 2016 halving contributed to the meteoric 2017 rise. It is 2020, and if the trend remains the same, you should be looking forward to another halving come May.

Will there be an upsurge afterwards?

Blockchain and Crypto Coins

There is a significant advantage when newbies educate themselves on the ins and outs of crypto exchanges. It is essential to start by learning more about blockchain and the best currencies in the crypto market. They're reliable sources of information but desist from following the masses through those social media predictions.'

Blockchain is the value beneath the growth of any cryptocurrency. And even in 2020, few people can profess full knowledge of how blockchain or even crypto works. But knowing more about it helps.

Blockchain is the value beneath the

Do you want a safer bet? Choosing the best crypto coins is the way to go. The most stable currency will be leading at the market cap (Bitcoin in 2020). Their volatility is lower, and they are valuable for more extended periods.

Of course, the bottom ranking ones offer lesser restrictions and more liberties. So, this is a case of quick high-risk high-reward versus overtime stability.

Altcoins and Exchange

Bitmex, Bittrex, Binance, and Poloniex are popular choices for altcoin trading. Altcoins (Bitcoin/Ethereum alternatives) do not provide the same confidence, but you may find a hidden gem there. Take your time to confirm their reputation, and it may save you from the hype and speculations that surround most altcoins.

When signing up to an altcoin exchange platform, find out the number of altcoins you will be exchanging and their commission. Also, ensure that their security is robust.


Using the Stop and Limit tool is an excellent way to curb your losses. It is easy to throw the proverbial good money after the bad in case of losses. Most experienced investors consider 60% gain a success (it's quite a task to achieve 100%) and know when to hold on.

Using Stop and Limit tools is

Market Orders, Stop Orders, and Limit Orders are tools that will help you check the excesses.

Stay Within Your Means

You've heard it for the umpteenth time, and you are throwing your arms up the air, but it must be repeated. Prudent investment and never going beyond your means is crucial.

Anecdotes from the above mentioned 2018 crash saw people lose money they didn't have. Cash from lenders, mortgages, or loans disappeared. Yes, crypto exchanges make money, but are you factoring in the losses?

Keeping Up With the News

There are advanced trading strategies that may help you make profits from crypto in 2020. Staying on top of cryptocurrency news is one way to do it since mergers and other developments can give you an edge. That said, fake info may also be your undoing.

Also, if you can crunch complicated statistical approaches and economic trends, you can use the technical strategy to stay ahead of the pack.

Or choose the easier sentimental analysis strategy which relies on psychology. How do people react to certain phenomena? What is the current atmosphere around certain currencies? And voila!

When it comes to crypto trading, in-depth research is needed. Yes, there is good money in this industry. But maybe these keys to the castle will open Pandora's Box for you. Vigilance, shrewdness and moderation are the ways to go if you plan to grow your fortune while managing your losses.