The concept of Cryptocurrency created havoc in the wealth market when it debuted in 2007, and people started believing this is the best way to secure their assets. While several virtual currencies are dominating the financial sector, Bitcoin is the most popular and promises to be the ultimate of all future cash. If you are interested in digital mining, then it's essential to know the places where you may buy and sell at the minimum cost. Check out some popular websites and platforms where you can trade Cryptocurrency without losing a lot from exchange rates. In fact, there are some friendly sites which enable clients to convert their digital currency with minimal hassle.

Coinbase: The most prominent and most respected Crypto asset platform in the United States is Coinbase and offers both conversion and wallet facilities. Coinbase provides a platform for inanimate currencies like Etherum, Bitcoin Cash, and Litecoin. Once signed up and connected, you can quickly transfer funds out of your account and convert to virtual money. The base charges are variable, and the transaction fee is 1% for all Cryptocurrency transactions but depends on the volume.

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For transactions through debit or credit cards, it charges a fixed price of 2.49%. Coinbase wallets are known to be the safest and offer a two-step authentication process for users. Insurance for cash balances goes up to $250, 000 for robbery and any breach of contract of online storage; 98 % of customers' currencies are kept offline to protect their assets from malicious hackers.

Robinhood: The best place for the inanimate currency that trades free of cost is Robinhood. In fact, since January 2018, it has started purchasing cyber currencies like Ethereum and 15 other types. Robinhood was initially a mobile version and was later added to a website; people felt comfortable managing their accounts from both website and mobile. The Cryptocurrency section is separate from the stock account and supports the market with limited order. The disadvantage of the base is that it's only limited to 16 states, but plans to increase in the future. Traders living in those 16 states find it lucrative to trade on the Robinhood platform.

Robinhood: The best place for the

Cash App: Cash App is a mobile company that is powered by Square, a finance technology and solution provider. This app is best when you want to send money to family and friends. Buying and selling Bitcoin is just a fraction of what they do; with no fees involved, the Cash App is the ideal base that clients prefer. The limitation of buying cyber money is $10, 000 per week, but if you want to sell, there is no limit. Also, if you're going to send your digital money outside your wallet, the Cash App cannot do that.

Binance: Binance is the best place for a wide range of inanimate currencies that include Binance Coin, and Ethereum. The base charges are very low, like 0 (point) 1 %, and is considered the best if you want to trade the most popular digital coins. Binance offers a flat rate while exchanging various cyber currencies like TRON, ICON, Ethereum Classic, Ripple, Litecoin, EOS, Skycoin, Bitcoin cash, and similar types. The major loophole that lies with this virtual exchange base is that it's not compatible with Android mobile, and users reported bugs. Binance doesn't provide insurance coverage like other platforms, and some traders reported losses.

Binance: Binance is the best place

Coinbase Pro: Coinbase Pro, earlier known as GDAX, is considered one of the best places for the active traders for Cryptocurrency, resembling Bloomberg terminal. The fee charged for active trading is almost 0.10 %to 0.30 %. For traders whose volume is less than 10 million dollars per month will have to pay lower than 0.30 percent; if you want to deal with a higher amount, Coinbase Pro is the way to go. The cash wealth you exchange in this base is secured, and the insurance coverage goes up to $250, 000, with the majority being stored in physical form to avoid theft.

CoinExchange: CoinExchange is considered the best site for conversion to some other inanimate coins and a low-cost exchange which charges less than one percent for conversion from Bitcoin. The site offers vast transfers with a range of Crypto assets assuring full security. The website is simple, well-structured, and best suited for taking your virtual wealth to the next level. The API-based CoinExchange platform is best suited for buying and converting any form of inanimate currency. Some of the flipsides are that there is no mobile app, and the volume of trade is lower compared to any other site.

CoinExchange:  CoinExchange is considered the

Coinmama: Coinmama is the best website registered in the finance business organization of America, and known for its smooth and quick transactions. Suppose you want to buy any different form of intangible riches you can log on to this website, and your wealth is just a few clicks from that point. This method is prevalent, and people from 188 countries trade in virtual money in return for US dollars or Euros. The website offers some excellent features in real-time transactions, and the charges are 6 percent higher than the rest. Well, if you use a credit or debit card, you might land up paying 5 percent extra. The user gets assured of some extra security while buying their holdings compared to any other platform.

While you are converting your cyber wealth, keep in mind that high volume trading platforms are not the only criteria to be trustworthy. Some exchanges manipulate the volumes with the help of bots; naturally, the implication is the profit is enormous for some transactions. Intangible assets and exchange platforms are comparatively new to the market and will undergo a sea change in terms of utility for the customers. Traders of intangible riches should adopt hassle-free methods like the day trading option. Try to avoid any burnout situation that occurs from stressful trading. If you are a cyber currency trader, keep in mind the vital points and always look for sites that offer lower rates for lower volume and secured trading.