Our 3rd update on Bitfinex's LTCUSD and Bitstamp's LTCUSD match up since 19th October 2019. Since the 26th June 2019 we have been tracking of Huobi BCHCQ to Bitfinex BABUSD arbitrage combination, currently you can get 1.472% return executing this recommendation as it is currently displaying constant return today, the match currently is spread at 4.312 at 17:18 today with a profit of 0.00047804 bitcoin for every one BTC spent. Since we began we have seen this topping off at 5.988 in the past month between Huobi and Bitfinex. In the last 24 hours the spread reached a high of 5.988 resulting in a -37.318 short from the year high signalling a 86.17% reduction from that spread.
Huobi BCHCQ to Bitfinex BABUSD is 61st currently. This spread should not be considered a high yield change, and nowhere near HBDM BTC_CQ to Binance BTCUSDC and Binance ETHUSDT to Kraken XETHXXBT with it being more appeal.
Reference Code
Time Captured
6th November 2019 17:18:08 UTC - 29 weeks ago
Sell Advice
Huobi BCHCQ @ 306.90200000
Buy Advice
Bitfinex BABUSD @ 302.59000000
Captured Bitcoin Price
9313.04 USD
Profit Per 1.00000000 Bitcoin *
0.00047804 BTC with a 1.472% return
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  Bitcoin Trade Size
This earns a profit of 0.013226 bitcoin when you close 27.6667 BTC of BCHCQ at Huobi at the market price of 306.90200000 and buy the same volume of 27.6667 BTC of BABUSD at Bitfinex priced at 302.59000000 bringing a 123.17 USD net gain with bitcoin positioned at 9,313 USD per one bitcoin. The signals expressed indicate that you should investigate this pairing more, as it would return a profit if executed to the tune of 0.00047804 to each one bitcoin. The advice would be indicates that the gains would be modest placing doubt to proceed, chiefly considering the availability of Binance ETHUSDT to Kraken XETHXXBT giving 0.02034778 bitcoin return per 1 bitcoin currently.