Our 6th update on Bitfinex's LTCUSD and Binance's LTCUSDT match up since 24th October 2019. Since the 20th June 2019 we have been providing of Huobi's LTC_NW and Binance's LTCUSDT pairings combination, as of now there is an available 0.4687% return executing this recommendation as it is momentarily holding reliable arbitrage return this Wednesday, the match is positioned at 0.286 from 20:28:28 today with a profit of 0.00003187 BTC with every one bitcoin exchanged. Since we began we have seen this pairing topping off at 2.768 since the beginning of November 2019. In the last 24 hours the spread reached a high of 0.498 meaning -6.422 decrease this year making a 93% change.
Huobi's LTC_NW and Binance's LTCUSDT is 106th from a pool of 199 combinations monitored. This spread isn't a fanciful opportunity, and not in the same league as HBDM BTC_CQ to Binance BTCUSDT and HBDM BTC_CQ to Binance BTCPAX which should be considered.
Reference Code
Time Captured
6th November 2019 20:28:28 UTC - 29 weeks ago
Sell Advice
Huobi LTC_NW @ 63.45600000
Buy Advice
Binance LTCUSDT @ 63.17000000
Captured Bitcoin Price
9289.04 USD
Profit Per 1.00000000 Bitcoin *
0.00003187 BTC with a 0.4687% return
Modify Profit
  Bitcoin Trade Size
This pays a profit of 0.001721 BTC when you risk 54 BTC of LTC_NW at Huobi at the price of 63.45600000 and buy the exact quantity of 54 bitcoin of LTCUSDT at Binance set at 63.17000000 resulting in $15.99 gain with bitcoin trading at 9,289 USD per one bitcoin. We propose you look at this more, as it would return a profit when performed to the sound of 0.0000319 for every 1 bitcoin. The data returned indicates that the gains would be inadequate rendering it not worthwhile, specifically when presented with the option of HBDM BTC_CQ to Binance BTCPAX resulting in 0.02035948 bitcoin return per 1 BTC as of right now.