Our 15th update on HBDM Binance with LTCCQ LTCUSDT since 5th November 2019. On the 20th June 2019 we enabled tracking of HBDM's LTCCQ and Binance's LTCUSDT pairings arbitrage combination, today there is an available 1.7922% return swapping this trade as it is temporarily showing reliable return this week, the pairing is sitting at 1.126 from 18:47:50 today looking at profit of 0.00012158 BTC with every one BTC spent. Since tracking proceeded we have seen this range topping off at 1.664 in the past month between Huobi Pro and Binance. In the last 24 hours the spread reached a high of 1.474 meaning -10.781 short on the year creating a 88% decrease from that high.
HBDM's LTCCQ and Binance's LTCUSDT match up is positioned 92nd currently. This combination should not be considered a excellent opportunity, and should be considered as such with HBDM BTC_CQ to Binance BTCPAX and HBDM BTC_CQ to Bitfinex BTCUST which should lead you.
Reference Code
Time Captured
6th November 2019 18:47:50 UTC - 29 weeks ago
Sell Advice
HBDM LTCCQ @ 64.18100000
Buy Advice
Binance LTCUSDT @ 63.06000000
Captured Bitcoin Price
9293.97 USD
Profit Per 1.00000000 Bitcoin *
0.00012158 BTC with a 1.7922% return
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  Bitcoin Trade Size
This nets an income of 0.0035866 bitcoin if you sell 29.5 bitcoin of LTCCQ at HBDM at the market price of 64.18600000 and buy the twin volume of 29.5 bitcoin of LTCUSDT at Binance priced at 63.06000000 giving a $33.33 profit with BTC dangling at 9,294 USD. Presently you will want to look at the arbitrage spreads opportunities, this will return a profit when executed to the tune of 0.00012158 for every one BTC. The thought process points that the gains will be poor rendering it not worthwhile, notably considering the option of HBDM BTC_CQ to Bitfinex BTCUST returning 0.02045305 bitcoin profit per one bitcoin at present.