Since the 5th April 2019 we have been covering Bitfinex's BTCUSD and Kraken's XXBTZUSD pairings arbitrage spreads, presently there is an available 0.25% return executing this recommendation as it is temporarily showing fair return this Friday, the pairing is positioned at 22.8 at 05:45 today looking at profit of 0.00248756 bitcoin for every one bitcoin traded. Since tracking begun we have viewed the arbitrage height of 82.4 since the beginning of November. In the last 24 hours the spread reached a high of 30 resulting in a -592.8 decrease this year providing a 95.18% shortening.
Bitfinex's BTCUSD and Kraken's XXBTZUSD pairings is placed 38th from a pool of 236 spreads we offer. This arbitrage opportunity should not be considered a fanciful development, and should be considered as such with Binance ETHUSDT to Kraken XETHXXBT and HBDM BTC_CQ to Kraken XXBTZUSD which should be more attractive.
Reference Code
Time Captured
8th November 2019 05:45:44 UTC - 29 weeks ago
Sell Advice
Bitfinex BTCUSD @ 9204.30000000
Buy Advice
Kraken XXBTZUSD @ 9181.50000000
Captured Bitcoin Price
9205.82 USD
Profit Per 1.00000000 Bitcoin *
0.00248756 BTC with a 0.25% return
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  Bitcoin Trade Size
This renders an income of 0.08333326 BTC when you spend 33.5 BTC of BTCUSD at Bitfinex at the current price of 9,204.30 and order the matching amount of 33.5 bitcoin of XXBTZUSD at Kraken priced at 9,181.50 resulting in 767.15 USD gain with the current price of BTC set at $9,206 per one BTC. At present we recommend look into this, as it would provide profit when performed to the sound of 0.0024876 for every 1 bitcoin. The opportunity though indicates that the profits would be modest making it not worthwhile, notably when presented with the opportunity of HBDM BTC_CQ to Kraken XXBTZUSD giving 0.02162436 BTC profit per 1 BTC right now.