On the 22nd October 2019 we started supporting tracking for of Binance Bitmex with BCHABCBTC BCHZ19 spread, today you can get 0.6696% return executing this recommendation as it is momentarily holding reliable arbitrage return this Wednesday, the combination is sitting at 0.000216 as of 6th November from 17:19:24 looking at profit of 0.00021600 BTC with every 1 bitcoin spent. Since tracking begun we have watched its spread top out at 0.00046 since the 1st of November 2019. In the last 24 hours the spread reached a high of 0.000261 meaning -0.000199 shortening on the year making a 43.3% shortening from that spread.
Binance to Bitmex with BCHABCBTC BCHZ19 is placed 83rd out of 201 we support. This arbitrage opportunity is not superb occurrence, and not in the same league as HBDM BTC_CQ to Bittrex USD-BTC and Binance ETHBTC to Kraken XETHXXBT which should take you.
Reference Code
Time Captured
6th November 2019 17:19:24 UTC - 29 weeks ago
Sell Advice
Binance BCHABCBTC @ 0.03247600
Buy Advice
Bitmex BCHZ19 @ 0.03226000
Captured Bitcoin Price
9315.1 USD
Profit Per 1.00000000 Bitcoin *
0.00021600 BTC with a 0.6696% return
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  Bitcoin Trade Size
This represents a profit of 0.01879200 bitcoin if you auction 87 bitcoin of BCHABCBTC at Binance at the market price of 0.03247600 and buy the matching volume of 87 BTC of BCHZ19 at Bitmex for 0.03226000 resulting in $175.05 net gain with bitcoin positioned at 9,315 USD. Presently the advice is to explore this arbitrage pairing more, this will return a profit when carried out to the amount of 0.000216 for every 1 BTC. The advice points that the profits would be placing doubt to proceed, notably considering the profits granted by Binance ETHBTC to Kraken XETHXXBT giving 0.02034882 BTC profit per one bitcoin at this moment.