Arbitrage refers to the process of exploiting the price differential of some cryptocurrency between two markets; by simultaneously buying in the lower priced market and selling in the higher priced market. This thus allows the arber to make money in the process, and the profit is usually in sync with the investments. The steps below help in better understanding the arbitrage process.

arb process

Steps in the Arbitrage Process

The following example helps in better understanding the arbitrage process.

1. An investor buys Bitcoin worth 50000 USD; says he gets 50 Bitcoin in his Bitcoin wallet.
2. He buys this via exchange," says Kraken, using as the platform.
3. Now at the same time the price of Bitcoin at Bitmex is 1500 USD.
4. He also placed a sale order at Bitmex for all the Bitcoins that he has purchased.
5. He is using as a platform again so that he can make out the transactions quickly, as prices may fluctuate again in some time.
6. The direct profit in this arbitrage process is (1500-1000) * 50 = 25000 USD minus the handling fee of and the two exchanges.
7. Investors can also place limited orders while both buying and selling, to minimize the risk of loss in the arbitrage process.
8. You transfer the proceeds back to Kraken, partially or fully.

Why Arbitrage is Safe?

Arbitrage is usually a safe method of dealing with cryptocurrency, because you can place limited orders on both buy and sell. Consider the same example above and say you placed a limited order of 1000 USD for purchase and 1300 USD for sale. Now it won’t buy if the price goes above the 1000 USD mark, so it means you have at least 50 Bitcoin in your wallet. And it won’t sell below the 1300 USD mark, so it means you make at least 300 * 50 = 15000 USD as profit.

process arb

Obstacles in the Arbitrage Process

All said above, however, there are many obstacles in the arbitrage process, else every other Tom, Dick or Harry you meet, would have been a millionaire by now! First of all an arbitrage opportunity would not exist at all times, so you need to be alert and vigilant for the right time. Second, even if it exists, you have to factor in the cost associated with the two exchanges, the platform fee, the withdrawal fee, conversion fee etc. If the gap is big enough to cover these costs, only then must you go for the arbitrage process. And it will be difficult for newbies to calculate this beforehand. Third, all these sub-processes, like placing a purchase order, then withdrawing and transferring to a different exchange and placing a sale order etc., take time. And time in the cryptocurrency arbitrage process means, perhaps, the price differential that you wanted to tap no longer exists.

It is advisable to use a platform like to better play with the arbitrage process. They have well formulated processes in place which will hasten your arbitrage process and will minimize the associated costs that exist. The services of such platforms can also be taken in the form of signals and alerts, to alert you whenever the opportunity for arbitrage process is ripe.