QTUM, pronounced “quantum”, is a Chinese blockchain technology that came into existence in the fall of 2016. The company is based out of Singapore and built on the fact that the cryptocurrency market is still evolving and full of potential.

QTUM is what we can call the next generation cryptocurrency, and it has diversified the interoperability of smart contract applications with leading currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, making the transactions easier and secure for global businesses. Furthermore, QTUM is trying to deploy templates, plug-ins and add-ons to make it more convenient for businesses to execute smart contracts. Since QTUM was designed based on the leading cryptocurrencies Bitcoin and Ethereum architecture, investors are gaining trust in this network and using it for huge arbitrage opportunities.


Exploit the QTUM Arbitrage Opportunities with Executium
QTUM is not like the traditional cryptocurrencies that were launched in 2009 or even after that. It has been designed as a smart blockchain network, in fact it is a unique cryptocurrency network, that seems to be quite promising. The rules and regulations, the algorithms of multiplication, the buy and sell platforms, the security features, are all different for this crypto, and so in order to arbitrage on this one, you need to have a sound understanding of how the platform functions and also some advanced mathematical and financial market know how.

Executium.com, is an online trading platform, in the cryptocurrency domain, and has a lot of features and services that are well suitable for trading with QTUM. It has both Bitcoin and Ethereum, and many leading exchanges for arbitrage. Also, QTUM is not mineable, so it has to be traded on an exchange, and very few exchanges (like Bittrex, Binance, Kraken etc.) are open for QTUM arbitrage. Executium.com is also appreciable for the fact that it lists almost all the exchanges that trade QTUM, and thus is a one stop shop for arbitrage opportunities with this cryptocurrency.

QTUM uses the POS 3.0 algorithm and a PoS coin proof type thus requires quicker transaction times. You can easily ensure this at executium.com with their lead order execution times.

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Why QTUM Arbitrage need executium.com
In order to make money out of arbitrage with QTUM, you definitely need some service provider like executium.com. This is because, QTUM is new and evolving. It undergoes a change very rapidly, the currency in itself cannot be mined, and the market dynamics of QTUM are bombarded with Bitcoin’s stable coin, Ethereum’s smart contract functionality and many other parameters at a time. So we can say that although all cryptocurrency is tough to speculate on, this one is even tougher. Even large businesses and competent traders are looking forward to platforms like executium.com for help and training on how to arbitrage efficiently with QTUM. Exeutium.com undertakes a technical analysis of all components of QTUM network like the Ethereum virtual machine, the QTUM account abstraction layer, QTUM blockchain, the smart contract lifecycle management and various other applications before it enters into some trade.