Before we begin with what arbitrage betting is, let us clarify one thing: that it is absolutely legal. The reason is that the investor is doing nothing but exploiting the price differences that exist in various markets. So let us understand, what actually “Arbitrage Betting” is and how it functions.

Arbitrage Betting- The know How
Arbitrage Betting is popularly known by the jargon “Arbing” and it is the arbitrage arising out of different betting markets. The plot involves simultaneously placing bets on all possible outcomes of an event, in the aftermath of guaranteeing profits, whatever be the outcome. Usually, a bookmaker prefers to close an account, if it finds that the investor is arbing. However, in today’s scenario, with a number of websites and other platforms allowing it, it has become difficult for bookmakers to check this practice of arbing. Not least, at the same time, the scams and risk of hacking have also increased sufficiently so that it has placed the bettor’s bet at risk as well. Furthermore, the practice of arbing is no longer just confined to traditional sports or gambling with cash, it has penetrated the financial market as well, especially cryptocurrency and Bitcoin.

arbitrage betting

Arbitrage Betting- How To Do

Consider the following situation:
1. Suppose there are different betting companies involved in an event, and this is most often the case.
2. Say that there can be three different outcomes of the event.
3. The investor invests in any three of the betting companies, betting on a different outcome with each company, thus covering all three scenarios.
4. Now whatever the outcome, the investor will definitely make some profit.
5. The only condition is that his proceeds are greater than the sum total of all the three bets that he made, plus the transaction charges involved.
6. You can even use Bitcoins as a bet, as many websites have started accepting this cryptocurrency for arbing.

Bitcoin Arbing is Even More Fun
Today, as markets expand and the boundaries break, BTC has even entered the arbing domain. And there are many advantages that it offers:
1. Unlike traditional arbing platforms, you can never be banned for arbing because the accounts are anonymous.
2. There is a huge variation among different sites, and this leads to large profit making if you have enough to invest.
3. You are not restricted by geographical boundaries, as BTC arbing can be done online from any corner of the world.

online arbitrage betting

The only consideration when you are trading with BTC for arbing is that the transaction time must be real quick for you to make some profit. So for that it is advisable to go with platforms that offer fast and reliable BTC transactions. Now this is a difficult choice to make, as there are hundreds of companies online, proclaiming that they would double or triple our Bitcoins with arbing for sure. However, the reality is a bit different. Hence, it's better to go with some tried and tested consulting firms and service providers like that are such an ally. It is the first of its kind trading platform, which offers you a portfolio of services like BTC arbing, crypto arbitrage, arbitrage funding, options trading and alike.