Cryptocurrencies are the newest way to gain profit if you’re willing to make investments. Whether you’re just beginning or you want to master the market strategies needed, arbitrage is a good way of achieving your goal. Although this means that you have to spend quite some time gathering knowledge on the topic, with enough patience, you’ll see that the results are favorable.

trading arbitrage process

Arbitrage is, simply put, the simultaneous purchase and selling of securities or assets, in order to make money from the price differences. As something good that came out of a counterproductive situation, this process is possible because of the market inefficiencies. These transactions take place in different markets, but it has become very strenuous to do it. This is why people have developed trading systems, which are able to process information and apply it much faster than the human brain. They are able to observe price fluctuations and other criteria that you added for your trades, and can act upon it rapidly.

The best example of an effective trading system is Executium, which is also the most popular choice right now. It allows almost anyone, from single users to businesses, to try arbitrage on its platform, encouraging you with 0.002 free BTC – these can be used for the payment of possible commissions encountered in the future, which means that you don’t have to pay from your own budget. Executium allows its users to conduct Bitcoin transactions on 6 different exchanges, with more coming up: Kraken, Bitmex, Bittrex, Bitstamp, Bitfinex and Binance. Single, Double and Combination strategy options are available, depending on your personal choice, and if you’re not into Bitcoin, there are also other cryptocurrencies accepted.

process arbitrage

Time and patience are the main assets you need in order for arbitrage to be successful – other than that, you only have to enjoy your profits.