In this complicated financial world, it is very much difficult for investors to gain quality share profits and reputations in the field with the typical and former techniques. New techniques and mechanisms have to be introduced in order to succeed in the field. In such cases and scenarios, new and better techniques are introduced in order to assist such investors. One such emerging strategy, which is much more efficient in the field is Statistical Arbitrage. Needless to say, it is one of the most beneficial strategies in terms of clients and investors.

Statistical Arbitrage is a technique in which the implementation of short-term trading strategies related to finance takes place. Subsequently, these strategies are employed on the basis of mean reversion models, which comprise a variety of portfolios of securities for minimal periods of time. This technique is very much efficient in terms of investors and results in providing quality results for them. Moreover, these strategies are utterly regulated by complex mathematical and trading platforms. Thus, it provides a quality assurance of accuracy to the users.

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Techniques used in the field of Statistical Arbitrage:

In this efficient technique of Statistical Arbitrage, various kinds of techniques are also implemented simultaneously in order to enhance its services to the clients and the investors. Some of the major techniques used in the field of statistical arbitrage are as follows:

· The basic aspect in the field of statistical arbitrage is Market Neutral Arbitrage. It is a kind of technique in which the overvalued assets are shortened and the undervalued assets are shortened. It is an efficient technique for getting success in the field of Statistical Arbitrage.

· Another major aspect is Cross Market Arbitrage. In this innovative and efficient technique, the assets are bought at lower costs and are sold at comparatively much higher prices.

· ETF Arbitrage is a kind of technique used in the field in which the discrepancies between the values of ETF and the assets are identified.

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All these techniques are basically used in the fields of statistical arbitrage because they may help one a lot in getting quality results in the competitive and complex financial world.

Basic Working of Statistical Arbitrage Techniques:

Securities in the share market fields tend to move upwards and downwards according to the instant market and share conditions. So, the investors face a kind of dilemma in the share of the profits or the losses faced by them. In such scenarios, Statistical Arbitrage plays a mighty role by comparing the long-term share patterns of the companies. With the help of this technique, one could easily judge the final results of a particular share of a company in a fixed interval of time. Moreover, there are two vital steps which are followed by Statistical Arbitrage for better results.

· Recognizing the pairs of the companies which needs statistical tests and time series analysis.

· Locating the entry and exit points of the strategies.

Both of these steps are very much important and enhance its popularity amongst the investors. So, choosing Statistical Arbitrage is a wise option for getting success in the fields of financial share markets.