How many Bitcoins are in circulation today is an important question from a trader’s point of view. It is true that most new traders will not gain much from answering this query. But if we consider the more advanced category of Bitcoin traders, this is a must know figure—how many Bitcoins are in circulation? Depending upon the spread of Bitcoins across various demographic groups based on location and the hold they have in the Bitcoin market, how many Bitcoins are in circulation can be an important tool while speculating the market.

Bitcoin Circulation

How Many Bitcoins Are In Circulation

The first answer that we get when we Google this query, how many Bitcoin are in circulation, is about 17.3 million tokens at the time of writing this. This keeps on changing though, with every new Bitcoin weaved and with the very moment that it enters the market. An important note here is that only 21 million Bitcoins can be circulated in all. So we are near the limit when things would become totally saturated and only the distribution would matter. As of now, circulation is both how many and where and with whom. 

Executium is a major online player in the cryptocurrency investment category. And work on figuring out the spread and circulation of Bitcoin too, all the time. It is a trending mechanism that seasoned investors have deployed to hire this company for their investment decisions. This way, all investment decisions are backed by the basic circulation and spread of Bitcoins in the market at any given point in time. Circulation is a major determinant of price. And so this is an important criterion to be considered.

Bitcoins Circulation

How Many Bitcoins Are In Circulation: A Bigger Question

How many Bitcoins are in circulation is a bigger than what it appears on the outside kind of question. Actually, there are 17.3 million Bitcoins already mined. But many big whales have grabbed and hoarded a major chunk of themselves. They do not make this available in the market for trading or for other financial transactions. So the effective Bitcoins in circulation are much less than the ones that have been mined.  In fact, millions of Bitcoins have been lost or stolen. It is difficult to figure out the exact answer to how many Bitcoins are in circulation today.


21 million is the maximum number of Bitcoins that will ever exist on Earth is the maximum number of Bitcoins. This is because the code has been designed this way. 17.3 million is the number of Bitcoins that are in circulation now. 3.7 million is the number of bitcoins left to be “mined.” 4 million Bitcoins have been lost. Some have been forgotten on hard drives and some have been lost on paper wallets. (It is true that people were much less careful with Bitcoin when it was worth a lot less) 5 million have been seized by the big whales. These are rough numbers, but are quite indicative.