Who is the Typical Bitcoin User: Why Do You Want to Know

Before we begin, do you know why we are even interested in knowing who the typical Bitcoin user is? This is because by getting information on who uses Bitcoin, and who is a typical Bitcoin user, we are in a better position to forecast the demand and supply of Bitcoin. And that in turn helps in speculating the market. With the corollary, we can make more profits out of our Bitcoin investments. So it is crucial to start with the ABCs before moving onto the final step.

Bitcoin User

Who is the Typical Bitcoin User: What Do Experts Say

There are various angles to consider this query, as to who is the typical Bitcoin user. Read below and pick what makes the best sense to you, as there is no single particular answer.

It has been specified by researchers that almost 6 million unique users have used cryptocurrency so far and most of them have used Bitcoin. If we go by the basics, all these are typical Bitcoin users. However, many of them have used Bitcoin just once or twice and then discontinued. Some of them have disregarded cryptocurrency as a whole, while some of them switched to other cryptocurrencies and quit Bitcoin. 

Sometimes we try to analyze this question, who is the typical Bitcoin user, so as to figure out who our Bitcoin customer shall be and we design our Bitcoin marketing campaigns accordingly. It has been observed that males use more Bitcoin than females. Also, people in their late 20s going up to late 40s use more Bitcoin than the rest. Early adopters used more Bitcoin than their followers. Non-religious people use more Bitcoin than religious ones. So these are some of the factors that can outline the picture of who is the typical Bitcoin user from a marketing point of view.

Bitcoin Users

Next, some experts say that people who trade Bitcoin regularly can only be categorized as typical Bitcoin users. By regular means, such experts say that a trader must place at least one Bitcoin trade per month in quality as a typical Bitcoin user. 

Another viewpoint is that typical Bitcoin users are only going to use exchanges like kraken and platforms like executium.com. These are companies that are dedicated to providing services in the Bitcoin niche. They are the only typical Bitcoin users as they use Bitcoin very extensively on a daily like basis. 


So whomsoever you’d like to call as a typical Bitcoin trader is up to you. But you can try to look at this question from different perspectives as mentioned above to form a more holistic opinion.